Candidates 2017

Circular photos of Nick Wagner, Margaret Eichhorn and Mike Gillen

Meet the Candidates for the Board of Directors!

The following incumbents have committed to run for re-election for the 2017 Linn Area Credit Union Board of Directors: Margaret Eichhorn, Mike Gillen, and Nick Wagner. (Learn a little about them below!) Voting will be held at the Engage & Grow Expo & Annual Meeting on Thursday, April 27. Nominations for Directors will be accepted from the floor during the annual meeting.

Margaret Eichhorn

Margaret has held a position on our Board of Directors since March 2011. She is currently the Financial Officer, and she serves on the Credit Committee. Margaret has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Finance and Accounting – from Tulsa University and owns a small bookkeeping business for nonprofits. A member of Linn Area Credit Union since 2011, Margaret and her husband, Rick, have three children and live in Marion.

Mike Gillen

Mike has been on our Board of Directors since August 1995, and he currently serves on the Audit Committee. Previously, Mike served as Secretary of the Board and as a member of the Credit Committee. Mike is a supervisor at ADM, where he has worked for 39 years. He has been a member of Linn Area Credit Union since 1991. Mike is a former member of the Teamsters Credit Union Board of Directors, having served in several capacities, including Chairman, Audit Committee Member, and Chief Financial Officer. Mike and his wife, Susan, live in Cedar Rapids.

Nick Wagner

Nick has served on our Board of Directors since 2015. Currently, he chairs the Credit Committee. In May 2013, Governor Branstad appointed Nick to the Iowa Utilities Board. Prior to that appointment, Nick served four years in the Iowa House of Representatives. He also was director of quality management at the ESCO Group. Nick holds degrees from the University of Iowa in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering. He has been a member of Linn Area Credit Union since 1998. Nick and his wife, Mandie, live in Marion.