Candidates for Board of Directors

Pictures of Joyce Fowler, Loren hartelt, and Jeralyn Westercamp on a green and gray background

Meet the Candidates for the Board of Directors!

The following incumbents have committed to run for re-election for the 2024 Linn Area Credit Union Board of Directors: Joyce Fowler, Loren Hartelt, and Jeralyn Westercamp. (Learn a little about them below!) Voting will be held prior to our virtual annual meeting, which will be livestreamed on Monday, April 29, 2024. Learn more about how to vote.

Joyce Fowler

Joyce has served on our Board of Directors since 2012 and is currently the Chairperson of the Board. She retired from Cedar Rapids Schools in 2009 after having worked for 32 years as a teacher, facilitator, counselor, and principal. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Northern Iowa, a master’s degree from Northeast Missouri State University (Truman State), and a doctorate from the University of Iowa. Joyce has been a member of Linn Area Credit Union since 1979. She and her husband, Tim, have two grown children — a son and a daughter.

Loren Hartelt

Loren has served on the Board of Directors since 2014 and is currently the Audit/Risk Committee Chairperson. Formerly, he was the Secretary of the Board and the Chairperson of the Credit Committee. Loren is the Director of Real Estate and Facilities for CRST. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from the University of Iowa Tippie College of Business and an Associate Degree from Kirkwood Community College. Loren has been a member of Linn Area Credit Union since 1999. He and his wife, Katie, have two daughters and live in Lisbon.

Jeralyn Westercamp

Jeralyn joined the Linn Area Credit Union Board of Directors in May 2022. She is currently serving on the Board Governance & Nomination Committee, having previously served on the Audit/Risk Committee. Jeralyn is the Economic Development Manager at the John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center at the University of Iowa, where she manages Iowa Venture Mentoring Service. She holds several degrees from the University of Iowa: a Master of Business Administration; a Master of Health Administration; a BS in Political Science; and BBAs in Management and Marketing. Her academic achievements at UI also include certificates in leadership; leadership studies; and nonprofit management. Jeralyn is a native Iowan who makes her home in Cedar Rapids. She enjoys volunteering, photography, music, traveling, and gardening. Jeralyn believes in the importance of being active in her community and giving back to our community. She has been a member of Linn Area Credit Union since 1991.