Credit Union Advocacy

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Be a voice for your awesome credit union.

We know you know credit unions are awesome. (After all, as a member, you’re part owner of one!) But here are some facts that maybe you don’t know:

  • Credit unions save Iowans $100 million annually in better rates and fewer fees. (Wowza!)
  • There are 1.1 million credit union members in Iowa.
  • Credit unions have a $1.25 billion economic impact on the state economy.
  • Credit unions continue to pay millions in taxes each year, including state monies and credits tax, payroll tax, sales tax and property tax.

Every once in a while (more often than we’d like!), the Iowa legislature is asked to consider a bill that is, shall we say, unfriendly to credit unions. There are a few ways that you (yep, YOU!) can have a positive impact on the future of credit unions. As a member/owner of your credit union, you can:

Legislative Update – October 11, 2018

Voting is one of the most important responsibilities we have as Iowans and citizens of our country. It is an opportunity to elect policymakers that understand (among other things!) that credit unions provide a needed choice in the financial marketplace.

Our elected officials make decisions impacting your credit union and our ability to provide services important to your financial future. Because of our cooperative structure, we are able to return earnings to members through better rates and fewer fees. (Woot!)

After an incredibly intense legislative session this past spring where bankers worked to eliminate financial choice provided by credit unions, it’s more important than ever to make your voice heard. The election is Tuesday, November 6, and we encourage you to get out and vote. The Iowa Credit Union Political Action Committee (CUPAC) endorses these candidates based on their record of support for credit unions.

Above all, please take the time and exercise your right to vote for a candidate that most closely represents your values and priorities.

Who’s my legislator again?

Visit for more info on important policy issues affecting your credit union.

Donate to CUPAC

The Credit Union Political Action Committee (CUPAC) is the voice for credit unions on Capitol Hill. CUPAC talks to legislators on a regular basis, educating them on issues of importance to credit unions and their members. They are our advocates, and we urge you to support their efforts.

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