System Upgrade

Frog with text: You'll flip for it. July 1, 2019

We have some exciting news to share with you!

On July 1, 2019, we will be upgrading our financial processing systems to simplify, speed up, and centralize your financial management tools and allow us to do more for you, our members. We’ve been planning, preparing and working steadily on this system upgrade for more than a year, and we know it will greatly enhance your overall experience with Linn Area Credit Union. We’re confident you’re going to flip for it!

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A message from our President/CEO
The benefits of the new system
Where to learn more
System Upgrade 101
On upgrade weekend
Finn’s Fantastic Handy To-Do Checklist
System Upgrade Weekend Schedule
After the upgrade
Online & mobile banking
Online & mobile banking Q&A
A new look for your statements
NEW! Bill Pay availability
NEW! Automatic payments and transfers
NEW! Check ordering availability
NEW! Change your email or address
NEW VIDEO! Online Banking: How to Enroll
NEW! Mobile & online banking access
NEW! Certain links on website will be disabled on June 21 at 5pm

A Message from our President/CEO

Linn Area Credit Union President/CEO Jenny Lorenz gives you the scoop on the benefits you'll enjoy with our system upgrade. The upgrade takes place on July 1, 2019. (Seriously, you'll flip for it!)

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The benefits of the new system

Here are just a few of the improvements you can look forward to:

  • More efficient “member-centric” transaction processing that will enable our staff to provide you with a higher level of personalized service
  • Modernized online banking and mobile technology that will update your account balances and transactions in real time and adapt to your changing financial needs
  • The ability for us to exchange information securely and electronically, providing you the convenience to share documents, open accounts, and apply for loans from the comfort of your home or wherever you have secure access to the internet

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Where to learn more

We’ll update this page with new info as we go along, all the way up to go-time. So check back here often and be sure to like our Facebook page. Also, please read all the mail and email you receive from us, so we can help each other make this transition a smooth one.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

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System Upgrade 101

Your member number will not change. If you have a current member number with us, it remains the same. The new system is “member centric” which means that each person is identified by their Social Security number. If there is a joint member on an account, they have access to the account by using their own Social Security number.

Linn Area Credit Union’s routing number will stay the same. It’s still 273972897.

Your checks will still work. (Yes indeedy-do!)

There will be no change to your debit or credit card numbers. Your cards will work as usual.

The new system is very secure! Online and mobile banking use a two-factor identification method with enhanced authentication. We’ll be able to send you authentication codes via text message, email, or phone call, and the code must be input before gaining access to your account. (It’s very effective at preventing fraud and identity theft!) If a questionable log-in attempt is detected, the system will require additional identity verification before allowing access.

Your statements will look different, but they’ll still include the important information, such as deposits, withdrawals, loans, and ATM withdrawals.

NEW! Certain links will be disabled on our website in preparation for the system upgrade. As of Friday, June 21 at 5pm, you will no longer be able to do the following online until our system upgrade has been completed on July 1.

  • Enroll in online banking
  • Open an account
  • Apply for loan
  • Apply for a credit card

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On upgrade weekend

Will I be able to check my balance during the system upgrade at an ATM, through online banking, phone banking, or mobile banking?
No. Balance inquiries will not work from Friday, June 28 at 5pm through Monday, July 1 at 1pm. (Be sure to get your balance ahead of time!)

Can I withdraw cash from an ATM during the upgrade?
Yes, you may withdraw cash from any ATM as usual, but your balance may not be updated, so keep careful track of your spending!

Are night deposits going to be processed the weekend of the upgrade?
No, they won’t. Night deposits received at our branches after 5pm on June 28, will be processed on Monday, July 1.

Will I be able to make my loan payment during the upgrade?
Loan payments will not be processed from 5pm on Friday, June 28, through 1pm on Monday, July 1. You do have the option to put your payment in our night drop box, however, and the payment will be processed on Monday, July 1, after 1pm.

Can I apply for a loan online during the upgrade?
Nope. The online loan application will be unavailable from Friday, June 28 at 1pm through Monday, July 1 at 1pm.

NEW! Will I be able to order checks on the website during upgrade weekend?
Sorry, we will be unable to accept orders for checks from 5pm on June 28 to 1pm on July 1.

NEW! Will I be able to update my email, address, or phone numbers using the link at the bottom of the website?
Not during upgrade weekend. If you have outdated contact info on file with us, please update it before 5pm on June 28, so that you’ll be able to enroll in our new online banking system. The Email or Address Change link will be active again at 1pm on July 1.

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Finn’s Fantastic Handy To-Do Checklist

4 weeks to go: Friday, May 31

  • Make sure we have your current phone, address, and email. To learn what we have on file, log in to eBranch, review your statement, or contact us.

I need to update my contact info!

1 week to go: Friday, June 21

  • Get some cash. eBranch, the Mobile Money app, and ART will be unavailable during the upgrade, so having a couple of payment options and extra cash will be a good thing.

Last day before the upgrade: Friday, June 28

  • Review your balances. Make sure to look at your balances before the upgrade and track your weekend spending to avoid overdraft charges and unnecessary dismay.

After the upgrade: Monday, July 1, after 1pm

  • Re-enroll in online banking so you can access online and mobile banking.
  • Download the updated mobile banking app. (That way, you can bank on the fly!)

Android App Store          Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

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System Upgrade Weekend Schedule

We have special hours and some limited services on upgrade weekend. (Please plan accordingly!)

Certain services will be unavailable during the upgrade. Get a printable version >>

System Upgrade Weekend Schedule

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After the upgrade

I get my paycheck deposited directly into my account. Will that stay the same?
Absolutely! If your paycheck, Social Security check, or any other income is directly deposited to your account, that will still occur!

Will my scheduled Bill Pay payments still occur?
Yes. Payments and other withdrawals you have set up in Bill Pay will post to your account as usual. (Whew!)

Will my automatic payment to a loan or into an account at a different financial institution continue as scheduled?
Yep! If you have automatic transfers that go to an account or loan somewhere other than Linn Area, those transfers will still go through.

NEW! Will scheduled automatic payments to my Linn Area Credit Union loan(s) and credit card continue after the upgrade?
Yes! If you have a recurring loan or credit card payment set up, that will still happen with the new system. We encourage you to check it out when the new system is up and running!

NEW! Will scheduled automatic transfers to my Linn Area Credit Union savings account continue after the upgrade?
They will. If you currently have funds scheduled to automatically transfer between Linn Area accounts, the transfers will still occur with the new system.

NEW! Should I review my automatic payments and transfers to make sure?
That’s not a bad idea. We recommend that you look at your account to become familiar with the new online banking. If you see anything you need help with, please let us know as soon as possible, and we’ll get you taken care of.

Can I still schedule automatic payments to my Linn Area Credit Union loan?
You bet! You can schedule automatic payments to any Linn Area loan from your savings or checking account.

Can I still schedule automatic transfers to my Linn Area Credit Union savings account?
Yes. You can schedule funds to automatically transfer to and from any Linn Area savings or checking account you’re authorized to access.

Are you still going to offer Live Chat?
You bet! The look and functionality of our Live Chat will be completely modernized. (Woot!)

Will the Audio Response Teller still work?
Yes. You will still be able to access the Audio Response Teller, aka ART.

Will there be a change to how I make ATM deposits?

Will I have additional options for making my mortgage payment?
Oh, we’re soooo glad you asked! After 1pm on July 1, you’ll be able to make your mortgage payment using online and mobile banking. (Happy dance!)

Is the online loan application changing?
Yes, except for the mortgage loan application. Our new online loan application will be much easier to use! Plus, the loan application will adjust size and layout depending upon the device you’re using, so it will be way more user-friendly if you’d like to apply on the fly.

Will there be changes to the loan process?
That’s up to you! With the enhanced security of the new system, we’ll be able to offer more options for doing things (like signatures and document exchanges) electronically. So if you’re up for that, we’ll be happy to oblige!

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Frog holding laptop displaying online banking site

Online & mobile banking

What’s new? Everything! (And it’s all good!) Your first glimpse of newness is the online banking portal. which has been refreshed with lingo that’s more familiar to you. Instead of calling it eBranch, we’re now simply referring to it as online banking. And now the eBranch Access ID (aka Logon ID) is just called Username. And we’re calling the Security Code… Password! (Just like you do! Yaaaay!) You’ll also notice that the portal has two fields: one for the Username and another for the Password.

You’ll have to re-enroll so you can enjoy the convenience of our new online and mobile banking. (It’s easy to do, though!) After 1pm on July 1, go to the online banking access portal. (The blue tab on the left.) Under the Log In button, click on Enroll Today and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. You also have the option to re-enroll using the mobile app. (Just be sure you get the updated app first!)

Beyond the portal, you’ll find a sleek, modern design that’s easy on the eyes and even easier to navigate. And sooooooo much faster! Plus, your balances will be available as soon as you log in. (No waiting… waiting… waiting!)

Online banking will have expanded capabilities. For example, you’ll be able to place an order for checks right in online banking.

With the new system, you’ll have access to 18 months of transaction history, as well as six months of eStatements.

If you’re a MyMoola user, you’ll be glad to know our new money manager is fully integrated in both online and mobile banking. You’ll find it by clicking on the BUDGETING tab. And, yes, all of your MyMoola savings goals, accounts, and history (and then some!) will be pulled over into the new system. (Woohoo!)

And if you don’t currently use our personal finance manager, you’ll want to use our new one! (Seriously. Knowing where your money goes is the first step to saving it.) And now that the money manager is accessed simply via a tab in online and mobile banking, developing the good habit of using it will be a snap!

Download our updated mobile banking app! If you do any kind of banking while you’re out and about, you really should get our mobile banking app. (And this new version will be even better than the current one.) If you already have the app, you’ll need to get the update (unless your mobile device is set to update automatically).

Android App Store          Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

Yes, the mobile deposit feature within the mobile banking app will still be offered! If you’re a first-time user, you’ll need to enroll in mobile deposit if you’d like to deposit checks using your mobile device. (It’s super easy, though!)

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Online & mobile banking Q&A

Why do I need to re-enroll in online banking?
It’s a brand new system! When you meet someone new, you might shake their hand and introduce yourself. This is basically the same thing.

Do joint account holders need to enroll?
If you’re a joint account holder who would like to use online banking, you’ll need to enroll and create your own unique log in.

Can I re-enroll using my mobile device?
Yes. You may re-enroll on a desktop computer, laptop, iPad, or any mobile device.

Do I have to download the new mobile banking app before I re-enroll?
If you want to re-enroll in online banking using the mobile banking app, then yes. If you’re not using mobile banking to re-enroll, you can download the new app whenever is convenient for you. (It’ll be available after 1pm on July 1.) If your mobile device is set to update automatically, you should be good to go!

How do I start the re-enrollment process?
The online banking access portal is the blue tab on the left. Under the Log In button, click on Enroll Today and follow the easy step-by-step instructions.

What do I need to have handy when I re-enroll?
You’ll need your Social Security number and date of birth. You’ll also need access to your mobile device, home phone, or email so that you can receive a temporary identification code to securely verify your identity. Make sure you know exactly how your name, address, and email appear on your account. You’ll need to match the info in order to re-enroll.

Can I use the same username when I re-enroll?
Possibly, but you’ll have to reclaim it. If your username was FinntheNinja55, more than likely you’ll be okay, since that username probably isn’t in high demand. But if your previous username was hawkeyefan1, and someone else swoops in and grabs it, well, you may have to be hawkeyefan2.

What are the username and password requirements?
The new requirements will be displayed as you go through the re-enrollment process. Just follow the guidelines, and you’ll be all set.

Where can I learn more about using the new online banking system?
We’re planning to create how-to videos that will cover many features of the new online banking system. As soon as the videos are available, they’ll be on the web site.

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Online Banking: How to Enroll

See how incredibly easy it is to enroll in Linn Area Credit Union's new online banking system. (We know you're excited -- we are, too! -- but you'll have to wait until after 1pm on July 1 to enroll.) If you choose to enroll with your mobile device, the steps are nearly identical.

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A new look for your statements

Beginning with the July statement that you receive in early August, our mailed statements and eStatements will have a sleek new look that will be easier to read. (Yaaaaay!)

You’ll still be able to choose the way you receive your statements. Electronic statements are fast and secure, as well as convenient and environment-friendly. (But you’ll still be able to get paper statements if you prefer.)

To enroll in eStatements after the upgrade, simply log in to online banking, select the STATEMENTS menu tab, and accept the Terms and Conditions.

If you currently get eStatements for an account, you’ll have access to that account’s past six months of eStatements. (Yep, this means you can access statements you received earlier this year.)

We’ll be happy to help you sort out the new statement format. If you can’t quite find what you’re looking for or figure out what something-or-other means, we can help! Just bring your statement to one of our branches or contact us in any way that’s convenient for you.

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One final note

We’re thrilled to bring you this system upgrade! It will ensure that you have an easy, enjoyable, and effective member experience for many years to come. Thank you for being a valued member of the Linn Area family.

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