MoneyPass logo How did people get along before ATMs?

ATMs are a wonderfully convenient invention (kind of like mobile phones and ice cube trays).

There are drive-up ATMs available at three of our locations. (Sorry, no ATMs at the Edgewood Road or Blairs Ferry Road branches.) The image ATMs at our branches don’t use envelopes for your deposits – they scan your items and print images of them on your receipt. Fancy shmancy!

The MoneyPass ATM Locator will direct you to thousands of additional machines available in the area and across the country that are surcharge-free for our members – just look for the MoneyPass network logo.

You can also download a MoneyPass app, which makes it waaaaaay easier to find a MoneyPass ATM when you’re on the move. (Just look for it in the App store.)

Please note: ATM deposits to your Linn Area Credit Union account can only be made at ATMs in the state of Iowa.