Back To the Basics: CC Style!

Young woman thinking about using credit card online

We’re all at different points in our financial journey. Whether it’s your first time around the block or you’re an old pro, it’s a really great idea to go back to basics and revisit the three little numbers that make the world go ‘round – your CREDIT SCORE!!!

We are going to take a closer look at how to improve your credit score through a series of four blog posts. We’ll break it all down so that you understand exactly what makes up your credit score, what actions will hurt your score, and things you can do to start improving your credit score right away.

Think fast – what’s your credit score?

*insert Jeopardy theme song*

Bonus fact while you wait: Did you know that as of January 2011, the National Average score was 692?

Time’s up. How quickly were you able to answer that question? Better yet – how SURE were you of the accuracy of your answer?? ;o) We encourage you to go to once a year to pull your credit report. It doesn’t ding your score and can actually HELP it if you see things on there that don’t seem right. FYI – there is a small small fee to get your credit SCORE, but worth it. (This purchase is Tara Approved!!!)

You know how to get your credit score, but what does it mean and, most importantly, how can you prove it? Just keep your eye on this blog, friends, because we are going to go into detail! Believe me, your credit is going to look fabulous after we’re done with you!

Tell us in the comments below, when was the last time you check your credit score??