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How to get Mobile Money  by Tara


UPDATE: We now have a free Mobile Money app you can download in the Google Play and Apple App stores. Search for “Linn Area Credit Union Mobile Money.” Easy-peasy! (Be sure you’re signed up for eBranch, our online banking service, so you can log on!)

On Wednesday you read Amber’s story of how Mobile Money got her out of a bind while grocery shopping, which hopefully has inspired you to take advantage of this FREE service provided by Linn Area Credit Union. But, if you’re anything like me, you like to have step-by-step instructions on how to get signed up! Well, friends, here you go:

Log on to your account via E-Branch

Click on the “Options” tab

Go to the “Additional Services” tab and select “Mobile Money”

Click “Sign Up”

Check the box that says “Accept terms and conditions” and then click “Continue”

Choose the central time zone in the drop down box

Choose the accounts that you would like to be able to access on Mobile Money from the list

Choose a texting nickname (ex: savings could be “sav” or “save” or “1”  or whatever you want!)

Click “Continue”

Enter your mobile number

Click “Next”

Choose text messaging and mobile browser if you have smart phone; choose just text if your phone only has texting capabilities (go here for more clarification)

You will immediately receive a text with your activation code

Enter activation code into the specified box on your computer and click “Activate”

It will then tell you that activation has been successful and will text you instructions on how to use it

If you have a Smartphone, save the unique URL to your browser’s favorites so you can quickly and easily access your account information (My handy-dandy tip: Instead of the normal bookmark, I actually saved my link to my iPhone’s home screen, which created a handy little icon for me!)

Now, remember, the above step-by-step guide is meant to be a Cliff Notes version! Be sure that you are reading everything on the screens, as there will be additional information throughout the sign up process. If you get stuck, know that you can always call us at 319.378.0101 or connect with us using Live Chat and we’ll help you walk through it!

A big thanks to Stacey Carter, one of our Member Services Representatives, for creating the step-by-step guide to getting Mobile Money!

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  • Tom Adolph

    is there any plans in the future to start using as a mobile money manager. I think Mint is a far superior product and completely free. It’s made from the same company as Quicken. Let me know your thoughts and ideas as to if this is a possibility. Thanks Tom Adolph

    member since 1991

    • Tara

      Hi Tom! Firstly, thanks for being part of the Linn Area family! Secondly, I really hope you enjoy reading the blog! ;o)

      You asked if we plan to start using as a mobile money manager and I’d like to give you all the info that I have so far regarding this. The short answer: At this time our software is not compatible with The long answer: The software company that runs our Virtual Branch (VB) has blocked from all of the financial institutions it supports (not just us).

      (Now here comes the techy background info for those readers who are curious…) basically works like this: Users give their login and password info to the site, then the site logs into VB continually throughout the day to screen scrape the information on their behalf. Because of this, it was causing the VB site to go down and/or continually experience huge bandwidth spikes. What this means is that users were timing out or not being able to log in. In a nutshell, it’s like thousands and thousands of people logging onto the system all at once, several times during the day. We realize that this is a benefit that many members would love to enjoy and plan to continue to work with our software provider to figure out a solution.

      Tom, I’m going to add your name and email addy on a list of members that have contacted us about this product. That means you’ll be the very first to know if/when we add a product such at to our VB. Please let me know if you have any further questions! I’d be happy to help! ~Tara,

  • Robert Bernard

    please let me know when you support

    Thank you,

    Robert Bernarfd

    • Tara

      Hi Robert!

      We are working with another website called, which is very similar to and actually offers much more, and we hope to have an agreement with sometime in 2013. I will add your name to our list of members who are interested in online recording-keeping in one place.

      Thanks for your comment!

  • Matt

    Thanks Tara for the open and honest answer and the techy information. I remember a couple years ago when Mint stopped working for Linnarea and CollinsCU (they share the same VB) I was soo annoyed and to top it off, it seemed both companies pointed the finger at the other and there wasn’t a straightforward answer.

    • Tara

      Ohhh Matt! We hear you on being frustrated with all the finger pointing and murky answers! We really believe our members will LOVE Geezeo. I’ll check the list to see if you are on it and if you aren’t, I’ll add you! Thanks for the comment! (P.S. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you! Your comment got lost in Spamville!)


  • Mark

    What is the status of LACU being supported on Geezeo (or a similar offering)? Thanks.

    • Tara


      I am really, really, really super, incredibly excited to be telling you that something is in the works – sooner rather than later! I haven’t been given a specific date, but I can say with a lot of confidence that we will be implementing Geezeo in the first quarter of this year! I’ll make sure your name is on the list to be the first to know about the details!

      Yay for 2013!
      Tara :o)

      • Toasticuss ­­

        Q1 of 2013 is over, where is it? Can you put me on the list of notifications of SOME kind of banking management application?

        • linnareacu

          Hi there!

          Believe me, I am as anxious to roll this out as you are to give it a try! We have been actively testing the PFM product since the beginning of February and ironing out the {many} wrinkles. We don’t want to release this to our members until we are confident that it will work beautifully! It is coming VERY soon.

          Could you send me an email at so I can make sure to get you on the list?

          Thanks for your patience!

  • Kandi Merta

    When will you have a mobile app? Where we can make deposits through our phones?

    • linnareacu

      Hi Kandi!

      We are getting very close to an app (hopefully 1st quarter!) and are also working in remote capture! Exciting stuff ahead in 2015! Please let me know if you have any other questions!

      Tara :)

  • Nelida Payton5

    My colleagues were looking for a form some time ago and were told about an online service that hosts 6,000,000 forms . If others need to fill out it too , here’s