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Conquer The Corridor  by Tara


“Ugh… there’s just nothing to DO around here!” 

A familiar whine to many. Whether you are new to Cedar Rapids or if you’ve lived here your entire life, there is now a movement to let you know just how much fun can be had within the Corridor! Kari and Quinn from Conquer the Corridor visited with the staff of Linn Area Credit Union to make us aware of this program and remind this group of Cedar Rapidians that we may be missing out on some really cool stuff! 

For example, did you know that from the first week of May through September there is a festival going on almost every weekend??  Go here for the full list. 

I know one complaint that I’ll admit to spouting off is my desire for something new and different to eat. (Sure, this could be because I’m pregnant…) I was super excited to see a list of places to eat around the Corridor! There are some places on this list that I had never heard of and others that I had plum forgotten about! Needless to say, this realization has opened up a whole bunch of new options. Click here for the tasty list!

Looking for something to do on a specific day or night? The most extensive list of events, festivals, yadda yadda can be found here, on the Cultural Corridor’s website. There really is something for everyone on there!

So get to clicking on these links and find something fun for your family to do today! 

Tell us in the comments below: Do you have a hidden gem of a restaurant or store, etc. that you like to go to that others may not know about?

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