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My First Ride: Top 3 Finalists Revealed!  by Tara


WOWZA! Talk about a successful contest! First, I’d like to give props to everyone who entered! We received over 50 stories boasting about their first cars. So many common themes of oil leakage, creative ways you guys kept those beauties running and, of course, all of you who had stick shifts… but didn’t know how to drive them! I was totally rocking a  perma-grin while reading these stories – so thank you again for submitting these stories! It’s obvious how much ALL of you LOVED your first cars!

To narrow it down to just 3 finalists seemed like an impossible task! I have to give a special thanks to our team of Linn Area judges for conquering this big job: Amy, Kathy, Liz, Bobbie and Matt. We first narrowed it down to 13 stories… then 8… then 4… and, FINALLY, the top 3 finalists!

How To Vote

Before I announce the top 3 finalists, here’s how YOU can vote! Just go to the comment section at the end of this blog post and let us know who you think had the best story and why! Only one vote per person, please. (Play fair, kids!) Votes on Facebook will not be counted, but feel free to comment away on our Facebook page (click here) to encourage others to come to the blog and vote! Voting ends on Sunday, August 14th at midnight. The winner receives a $200 gift card. Runner-ups receive $50 and $25 gift cards, respectively.

So without any further ado… Here’s the top 3 finalists, in no particular order!!!

Denise Stapley

Ahhh….my first ride.  Just the thought of it  brings back smiles and good memories.  An image in my head of a rusted out, faded cream colored, 1968 Volkswagen Beetle.  A hand-me-down lovingly passed from my dad who owned it in its prime new state, to my older brother, and eventually to me.

By the time “Besse” as I referred to her made it to me in the late 80’s, she had seen better days.  Her crème exterior was marked with giant rust patches, dent upon dent, her headlights creatively held onto the car by bolts and brackets, her clutch held up with a small chain to prevent it from falling  forward to the floor, my seat raised to accommodate my 5′ tall frame by old couch pillows and yes…a phone book.  Backseat passengers had to be careful not to lift up the floor mats unless they wanted a clear view of the concrete passing by.  I loved Besse.  She was a conversation piece and she was my teenage freedom.  For the most part she was tried and true. Riding in the summer with the roof cranked open listening only to the AM stations that barely crackled in on the original “stereo”.  Even in the winter she hung in there when her gears would get stuck in first making my drives to school slow and cold.  The familiar sound of her engine and exhaust still rings clear.  Safe she was not… but oh so much fun!

Besse was finally put to rest after one sad day in particular.  We had known that the end was near.  Tooling around town, I had pulled into a store parking lot in Marion when a concerned passerby pulled up beside me.   “Hey, do you know your car has flames shooting out from underneath it?”  This…was not a good sign.  Besse had begun  leaking exceptional amounts of oil in her last days creating both hazard and mess.  The end had come.  Soon Besse was gone, sold for a mere $50 likely for scrap metal.   She was later replaced by “Wendy the Wagon”  complete with fake wood paneling.  Wendy, though I loved her too, never quite lived up to the bar set by Besse.

The “slug bug” game has now been passed on to my daughter who is often the victorious winner.  And that sound…I can recognize it from a mile away!  Some day, some day, there may be yet another Besse in our driveway!

David Brandstetter

My first ride was a little 1964 MG 1100 Sedan.

I bought it in anticipation of securing my drivers license back in 1975.  It cost me 2 years worth of savings doing a variety of jobs like delivering newspapers, kid sitting, and mowing lawns. How much you ask?  $300.00 cash, which was a small fortune to me!  I have always liked MG’s and this car looked like a “mini” Rolls Royce, it was also Red (cause you know color makes the car go faster) and very fun to drive.When driving it home for the first time I knew we were going to have a bittersweet relationship when the brakes locked up in the middle of a busy intersection! Since it was a private sale, it did not have a warranty and the sale was final, I couldn’t return it.

Once the brake issue was resolved, I was able to drive it to work and school for about a year before it sprung a huge oil leak from a bad transmission gasket.  Since it was an import… parts were hard to get in Iowa and because the engine and transmission shared the same oil, it took a lot to fill it back up again.  My solution was to carry a plastic ice cream bucket to slide under the leak when not in use and then pour it back into the car to continue driving it.  I eventually made my own gasket out of a Capt. Crunch cereal box (Thank You, Quaker Oats) and was able to get another year out of the car before the clutch gave out. The car was front wheel drive and beyond my ability to fix at the time so we parted ways, it went to the junkyard and I turned my sights on a 53’ Ford which I drove through my college years.

I often think about my little MG and the thrill of driving for the first time…and some days when I wish I had kept it.  I still have one of its hubcaps in my office.

I now enjoy a Chrysler Sebring convertible, “Red” in color, which I purchased with the help of Linn Area a few years ago. As soon as the temperature reaches 55 degrees in the spring, the top is back and wind is blowing through my hair!!

Tom Brammer

In 1979, I turned sixteen and bought a green ’69 Ford XL from my older sister for $400.00. I couldn’t pay her in full until I had received two paychecks from my first job as a car washer for Hertz Rent-A-Car where she also worked behind the front counter.

It had a 390 V8 and I installed dual pipes with glass-pack mufflers. The front seats were ripped, so I fashioned seat covers out of cream-colored carpet. It only had an AM radio, so I wired a cheap cassette player and mounted it on the floor. I covered the rear dash with white fur carpet and set speakers on top because they didn’t fit in the factory holes. It had retractable headlight covers and I put orange fog lamps inside the grill. It had a long thin dent on the rear left quarter panel and looked like something from a Stephen King novel. My high school girlfriend even nicknamed it Lucifer.

I remember driving back and forth to Central College. There was a stretch of road just outside of Pella that ran straight for a couple of miles. Every time I hit this section of the road, I’d bury the speedometer past 120 mph. I have no idea how fast I went, but it felt like I was taking off in a plane as telephone poles and corn stalks whizzed by. On one trip, a floormate from Chicago drove back with me. We reached this stretch of road and I instinctually hit the gas. At the end of our “flight,” I looked over at my friend… His face was ashen and eyes were wide open in horror. He had buckled his waist seatbelt (No shoulder harnesses back then.) and was hanging on to the tightening strap with white knuckles. I fought with all my might not to laugh… He never rode with me again.

Given its nickname, Lucifer had to have had some quirks. I can remember many cold winter mornings, standing in the street, using a blow comb on an extension cord to thaw the door so that it would open… only to have the car not start. Due to the number of times I called AAA for assistance, they took me off my father’s policy.

My dashboard lights were a huge embarrassment. About every three weeks or so, they would stop working. I would have to flash my brights so that the indicator light would come on and I could see how fast I was going. (I’m sure this irritated many drivers.) After a few trips to install new fuses, my mechanic came to a conclusion… I didn’t know my headlight switch was also a dimmer switch for my dashboard lights. When I turned my headlights on/off, I sometimes dimmed my dashboard lights off. When he replaced the fuses, he simply turned the dashboard lights to full intensity. We had a good laugh when he informed me of this feature.

I drove that car till my senior year of college…

Get your vote on!

Okay, peeps! Time to get voting! Remember, you have to vote in the comments below on the blog. Again, Facebook votes and “likes” will not be counted. Email me if you have any questions: Voting ends Sunday, August 14th. The winner gets a $200 gift card, 2nd place receives a $50 gift card and a $25 gift card will go to the third place entry.


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  • Brad Stapley

    I would like to vote for Denise Stapley. Creative way to show the love for that beat up beetle.

  • Denise Stapley

    I hope this is legal and playng fair but I have to vote for my own story. It got me reminising wiht friends and recalling apparently a time when I took the car before I was quite legal…and they recalled brakes going out on a gravel road. Yikes! Fun contest so my vote is for Denise Stapley :) Fingers crossed!

  • Kaye Siders

    I vote for Denise Stapley…I remember that old car and have some memories of being young and having fun with Denise. She and Besse get my vote!

  • Josh Ernst

    My vote is for Tom Brammer – hilarious story about passangers not wanting to ride again after experiencing the “flight”. I also have similar stories. Good luck!!

  • Mallory

    I have to vote for Denise. Although they are all good, kudos to David for letting us help him get his Sebring, but Denise paints quite a picture of the beautiful beast! :)

  • April

    My Vote is for Denise!!! Haha her story made my day!!!

  • Kathy Johnson

    I would like to vote for David Brandstetter. His story brought back lots of memories of being a cash strapped teen doing anything to keep yourself on the road. I love his ingenuity in using a Capt. Crunch box for a gasket and lastly the fact he still has a hubcab of that wonderful machine in his office that is true love.

  • Amber K

    I vote for Denise- it reminds me of times with my “Rosie” also!

  • Jenny Osburn

    I vote for Tom. We all have our 1st car that we love even if it embarasses us.

  • Rhonda

    I vote for Denise. I remember having a car with holes in the floor… brings back lots of memories.

  • Christa

    My vote is for Denise (and Besse). I loved reading her story and even shared it with my kids. What great memories!

  • http://Tom Marie

    I would have to go with Tom. Way too funny that it reminds me of my first car and that same section of road on my way to and from Central College.

  • Misty Mayer

    DENISE STAPLEY gets my vote. Besse the lovable beast should definitely win! I hope “she” and Herby the lovebug meet up in the end.

  • Allie

    I vote for Denise Stapley! I loved her story, the cute little car, and her big bangs!

  • Tom McCormick

    I am voting for Denise. Why, you ask- why not. . . . I am her dad and the car was originally mine. Great contest idea. Enjoyed all the finalists.

  • Jaina

    I vote for David Brandstetter… One, because he’s my Dad and two… Well, he’s my Dad and because who would ever think to use the Cap’n Crunch Box to repair a car? Got to admit he was ingenious!

  • Shannon

    My vote is for Tom. I loved the part of his story detailing how creative he was with remodeing the inside of the car. Carpet for seat covers… hilarious!

  • Juan Rojo

    My vote is for Denise Stapley.

  • Ayme Bergen

    I vote for Denise! Love that old car!

  • Amanda Reid

    My vote is for David Brandstetter….for “going green” with his creative recycling before “going green” was the thing to do. And for promoting a good ol’ fashion work ethic….a good lesson for today’s society!

  • Joanna

    My vote is for David Brandstetter, b/c his ingenious idea of using a Captain Crunch box to fix a gasket! I’d love to have him as my mechanic!

  • Sue Clark

    Denise and Besse all the way!

  • Jackie Horvath

    My vote is for David Brandstetter! I love that little car and especially how he kept it running with a Capt. Crunch box!!

  • Erin Hinz

    David Brandstetter is my vote!!! How do you drive a car with a gasket made from a cereal box??? You rock!!!

  • Stephanie Nye

    My vote is for Denise Stapley…Love the story and who doesn’t love a bug??

  • Erin Jacobs

    I am voting for David Brandstetter….Everyone remembers their first car and this put a smile on my face. It’s amazing how he thought of using a cereal box to be a gasket, which helped him keep the car longer! That shows you dedication a determination to keep his first car!

  • abby

    i am voting for denise! love the story and the picture!

  • Kevin Brubaker

    I vote for David Brandstetter. My dad worked for Quaker Oats for 26 years and anyone who can make a use out of a local product like that has my vote. The mini Rolls Royce comment and look is cool too.

  • Adam s

    David “captain crunch” gets my vote!

  • Marisa Richardson

    My vote is for David Brandstetter. Talk about recycling!

  • Michelle Miller

    David Branstetter- love that a red car goes faster & Quaker oats fixes

  • Selene

    I vote for Denise.

  • Marie Penix

    I vote for David Brandstetter! Great story! Love that car!

  • Erika Elles

    I vote for Denise, my first car was a 69 bug with the same holes in the floor boards. Ah memories!

  • Chris Hansen

    Denise gets my vote. Anyone who could tame a beast like Bessie and love her at the same time is a winner!

  • Melissa

    I vote for Denise.

  • Katina Williams

    I vote for David Brandstetter. Very cool car and very creative man!

  • Kathi Whitcomb

    I’m voting for David Brandstetter. I loved the comment about the car looking like a miniature Rolls Royce!

  • Meagan

    I vote for David Brandstetter! His story just makes me happy.

  • Matt Williams

    I vote David Brandstetter. His story hits home with me. Love the car.

  • Emily Blomme

    I vote for Denise Stapley! I love to see someone put so much heart into a car — especially one as loved, and used as Besse! Plus — it’s obvious how much Denise loved that car.

  • Kat

    I vote for David Brandstetter. Its obvious be loved his mini Rolls.

  • Danette Brandstetter

    I vote for David. His brother is remembering that car as well. That takes him back to another time when they would cruise through the park on the rare occasion when that car would actually run!

  • Michele R

    I vote for David Brandstetter. Loved the story!

  • diane

    David Brandstetter!

  • Julie Zimmer

    I vote for David Brandstetter and that sweet little red car. I like humor and I thought the story was hilarious…plus the Captain Crunch box and saving the hubcap had me sold!!

  • Nicole J.

    I vote for David Brandstetter. I love the ways he found to keep his car going! Such a great story!

  • Renee Schuldt

    I vote for Denise. The slug bug game never gets old. Love that car.

  • Ernie Whitcomb

    David Brandstetter — fixing a car with a cereal box??? You’ve gott to love that!

  • Kelly

    I vote for David – I liked his use of an ice cream tub – an early example of recycling!

  • Brandy Carpenter

    I vote for Denise Stapley! Great story and we just love the punch bug game!!!

  • Shannon

    I vote for Denise Stapley!

  • Kara Felber

    I vote for Denise!!! Love the story and who doesn’t love a slug bug?!?

  • Jill Wendel

    My vote is for Denise and Besse. Brings back memories of my family’s orange bug growing up and driving an even older black bug as a teen. Great story Denise!

  • Sue Clark

    I vote for Denise and Besse; great story.

  • Tim Carpenter

    I vote for Denise Stapley and Besse.

  • Becky O’Neill

    My vote is for Denise Stapley!

  • Matt M

    My vote goes for Tom Brammer and “Lucifer”

  • Tom Brammer

    I have to vote for my car…

  • Jason Sterns

    Denise Stapley, a great story, and anyone who has to deal with holes, cushions and phone books is a great first car story

  • Jodie Stapley

    I vote for Denise Stapley! What a great, funny story about coming of age! Love it!

  • Hope Curry

    My vote is for David…great story!

  • Roger

    I gotta vote for Denise because her car had flames coming out of it.

  • Ann Davidson

    My vote is for Tom. It’s hilarious that what was at the time a 10-year old beater is now a classic.

  • Marcia McCormick

    My vote goes to Denise because who does not love a bug. Also, I know Denise and she is pretty lovable as well.

  • Lisa

    My vote is for Denise. – no more Besse but is there still a phonebook in her new ride!!!

  • Lynette

    I vote for David Brandstetter! I love how “green” he was back in the day!!! Cute story!

  • Susan Simmons

    I voting 4 David Branstetter, mainly because of the rarity of the MG in the U.S. at the time. What a find! And yes, $300. was big bucks back then.

  • Kari Lynn Hearn

    Denise Stapley gets my vote! We all had a ‘Besse’ in our past that tugs at our heartstrings everytime we are reminded of her! I am torn myself between wanting my own kids to drive a safe car, but also wanting them to create their ownBessw memories!

  • Shannon

    David’s story is so great! Definately gets my vote. I love Capt’n Crunch;)

  • Kristie

    Voting for David! Gotta love that he used a Capt’n Crunch box and a plastic ice cream bucket to keep his car going!

  • Dana

    I vote for Denise Stapley. She really did love that car even with all it’s flaws.

  • Annie

    I vote for David. Great story- such devotion to that car!

  • Jeremy

    David B. gets my vote. My dad had an MG and it was a great little car. We all can relate to that love/hate relationship with our cars.

  • John Richardson

    David Brandstetter!

  • Miles Richardson

    I vote for David Brandstetter.

  • Don

    David Brandstetter! A cereal box, really?

  • Yvette Hill

    I vote for David Brandstetter! Great job!

  • Kylie H.

    I vote for David Brandstetter. The cereal box is pure GENIUS!! :)

  • Susan


  • Andrea Williams

    I vote for David Brandstetter. Love his story

  • Sara Kirkpatrick

    My vote is for Denise Stapley. And may I request that she becomes a childrens author? Very talented and creative Denise!

  • Sherry Wolfe

    I vote for David Brandstetter. I love that car and his funny story.

  • Rylee Reid

    I would like to vote for David Brandstetter. His car was very cute and I liked what he had to do to keep it running. I also like that he paid for it himself.

  • Steve Reid

    David Brandstetter gets my vote! He had to work so hard for his car and came up with great ways to keep it running.

  • Brandy

    My vote is for David Brandstetter. I love that he still keeps a hubcap in his office.

  • Lynn P.

    I vote for David Brandstetter. Great story!

  • Tina

    David Brandstetter gets my vote. Love it that he worked so hard for the car, plus I used to own a red Chrysler Sebring convertible!

  • Chris

    Vote for David Brandstetter

  • John A.

    I’m voting for David Brandstetter! Love the cereal box story!

  • Liesl

    My vote is for Denise. I love the part about flames shooting out of her car :)

  • Kathy A

    I vote for David Brandstetter. Love the story!

  • Jennifer

    David Brandstetter. He worked so hard to earn the money to buy it.

  • Justin

    David Brandstetter. He did it the right way, worked hard and saved so he could afford it. Then cherished it and took care of it.

  • Jake

    David. because he really wanted the car and saved his money.

  • Josh

    david. b. he liked his car becus he savd all his muney to by it.

  • Assilem

    My vote is for Denise, hands down she is the winner!

  • Dralla

    Denise Stapley and her AWESOME car get my vote :)

  • Snapper

    I vote for Denise, love a bug

  • Beth

    I vote for David Brandstetter. You kept the hubcap?? That’s just saaaaad!

  • Charlie

    Denise gets my vote, doable

  • ABGirl

    Go Denise! I vote for you.

  • Michelle Allen

    I’m voting for Denise.

  • Matt Siders

    My vote is for Denise….

  • Sara H.

    My vote is for David B.!

  • Jeremy

    I vote for David and his MG. Thats a sweet car and who wouldn’t want that for a first car?

  • Katie Windsor

    I vote for Denise for sure – I played Slug Bug as a kid, too!

  • Donna

    I vote for David Brandstetter. Any guy who can keep his car going with an ice cream bucket and Cap’n Crunch box surely deserves to win.

  • Pete Wendel

    My vote’s for Denise. Gotta give it up for the bug!

  • susanlindsey

    I love it that David can keep those memories alive with just a hubcap.David Brandstetter gets my vote!

  • Erin

    I just love Denise’s story! <3

  • Lois McCormick

    Denise has my vote. She forgot to say that her neighbor decorated it with Christmas lights one holiday season. It sat in the front of her house blinking away

  • Arden Shindoll

    I vote for Denise Stapley. Her adventures sound painfully and happily familiar.

  • Lisa Person

    Denise Stapley, because bugs are the best!

  • Laura Barnes

    Denise has my vote….it sounds like my first car. Brings back some good laughs.

  • shelley

    Denise Stapley gets my vote. “She was my teenage freedom.” Enough said.

  • Katie D’Arcy

    I vote for David Brandstetter – I can sympathise with his story and agree that colour makes a car go faster! My car is red too :)

  • Brent

    I vote for David Brandstetter. Great car!

  • Philip

    Voting for David Brandstetter. He sounds like my dad. They both are resourceful and love their cars.

  • Julie

    Have to vote for Denise! They are all good stories, but hers was written soooooo well, and I’ve always had a soft spot in my heart fot V-DUBS!

  • Patti Sterns

    My vote is for Denise! Nicely done!

  • J Hawk

    Gotta vote for Denise and Ol Besse. I love the hair too:~)

  • John

    Denise for the win!
    Flames shooting – “This… was not a good sign” made me literally LOL!

  • Mary

    David gets my vote! His is the story of so many first time car owners – and he tells the story so well!

  • Shelley

    I vote for DAVID! Ice cream buckets and cereal boxes…amazingly clever and resourceful. Plus the red car is so cute!

  • Sally Filkins

    David Brandstetter gets my vote… innovative regarding using an ice cream bucket to collect oil from a leaking gasket and then to make a gasket out of a Captain Crunch ceral box….a great first car story for sure!!!

  • Shannon wood

    I want to vote for Denise! The fact that she still owns that car and is going to let her daughter drive it is classic!

  • Becky Shreeves

    David Brandstetter.

  • Jen K

    I vote for Denise :)

  • Janet H

    Denise’s writing just made me laugh, I can just see the car and the missing floorboards. That and my husband’s first car was a VW also. Great car that also came to a classic end.

  • Danielle Brandstetter

    I vote for David Brandstetter

  • Syd the Kid

    “This is my mommy’s car and I really love her so I want to vote for her” I love playing the slug bug game because I always win and mom (Denise Stapley) always loses.

  • dianne prieditis

    why wouldn’t I vote for Denise!! She’s my wonderful niece!! xoxo

  • http://327-39thstreet Valerie Contreras

    I vote for Denise! Does that photo not remind of you of Footloose???
    Love the story about her Bug and I have a feeling that when her daughter starts driving there may very well be a “Bug” in the driveway so Denise can borrow it! Oh, and Kevin Bacon says Hi!

  • Symon Sanborn

    Denise gets my vote. What a great story and what a horrid car! Just from the pic. I wonder if there’s enough metal to get scrap for it. Rust isn’t a metal is it? :)

  • Jennifer M

    My votes for David – loved how he “fixed” the car!

  • Jen

    David. How do you come up with that stuff? Love the resourcefulness.

  • Kyla P


  • Dena

    My vote is for David Brandstetter. While I never had a MG, I always wanted one. Even with all the setbacks he had, I am so jealous!

  • Ann Enemigo

    Oh Denise! I vote for you. Hope you, win!

  • Ryan O’Neal

    Go Denise!

  • Ernie

    Denise, FTW

  • Maisy

    Denise had a great story, my vote is for her.

  • Lincoln S.

    Denise! Bugs are the greatest!

  • M. Yuba

    I had a beetle when I was in college. That thing was the best. Denise, hope you win.

  • robert

    I vote for David. Great story.

  • Ed

    David Brandsetter. His story is great!

  • Kristie

    I vote for David Brandstetter…..because the color makes the car go faster :o)

  • Erin

    Voting for David Brandstetter… great story!

  • Judy

    I vote for David Brandstetter. Captain Crunch powers cars, too!
    The hub cap in the office won me over.

  • Raegan

    My vote goes to Denise and her slug bug!

  • Ron Emery

    Denise is incredible. Hands down the winner!

  • Wendy Rutherford

    My vote is for David Brandstetter. Anyone creative enough to fix a car with a Capt. Crunch box deserves it!

  • Tanner

    This car guy thinks Denise is tops!

  • Sam H

    I vote for Denise – who doesn’t love a Bug?

  • Chris

    My vote is for Denise

  • Easter Beagle

    My vote is Denise.

  • Clyde

    I vote for Denise

  • Jackie

    Go Denise!

  • Jimmy

    One more vote for Denise and that cool bug.

  • Mary

    My vote is for David Brandstetter, seems like $200 would be well on it’s way to paying for the car ;0)

  • Maggie

    David Brandstetter!

  • Annette

    I vote for David Brandstetter!

  • Katrina

    I vote for David Brandstetter

  • Evelyn

    David Brandstetter all the way!

  • Kev

    Vote for David Brandstetter

  • Joy

    I’d like to vote for David Brandstetter! Cool car!

  • Tim

    1 more vote for David Brandstetter

  • Carla

    I vote david brandstetter

  • Tim Nye

    I vote for Denise…great VW story.

  • Erik Brennom

    I have to vote for Denise!!

  • Susan Newhall

    Denise. You go girlfriend!

  • Amy

    My vote is for Denise Stapley! What family in the 70’s-80’s didn’t have a VW Bug? Our green one had similar flaws, but dang, we loved that car!!

  • Kent Emery

    Denise! Go girl!

  • Muriel Louise

    Denise just has to win.

  • David Brandstetter

    Yes… this is a vote for my MG. The 1100 would take up to 6 quarts of oil when not leaking and yes I still love Cap’N Crunch!! This has been a fun contest!

    David B.

  • BLT

    Gotta be David…that little car was THE cutest! yea, David all the way for the win!!!

  • Grant

    1 vote for David’s MG, please. Arr, Cap’n!

  • Jon Zimmer

    My vote is for David Brandstetter. I like the ingenuity he used to keep his car running.

  • June

    I vote for Denise and her car!!

  • Nancy

    My vote goes to Denise – good luck!

  • Kinzey

    Slug Bug – go Denise – you rock!

  • Dawson

    I want your car Denise – hope you win!!!

  • Mary Komisar

    I vote for Denise! Great story and I have always wanted a “slug bug” myself!

  • Craig

    Denise. That is all.

  • Daniel

    Good luck Denise!

  • Rachel W.

    I vote for Denise!!!

  • Alma

    I vote for David Brandstetter.

  • Caity Margolis

    I loved Denise’s story! My vote is for her.

  • Kiersten

    I vote 4 Denise

  • Melissa

    Go Denise!

  • Jimmie

    Denise gets my vote!

  • Beverly

    I hate everything, but Denise stole my heart

  • Tammy

    My husband told me to vote for Denise so I am.

  • Brooke

    Denise is pretty cool, she gets my vote.

  • Faith

    David Brandstetter, because he loved his car, even with all it’s faults!

  • Stephanie G

    My vote is for Denise:)

  • Logan

    David Brandstetter…he deserves to win after all the trouble he had with his ride!

  • Rachel Showalter

    I vote for David Brandstetter!

  • Buddy

    My vote goes to Denise!

  • Dan Smith

    I hope you win Denise!

  • Matthew Dockter

    David Brandstetter because a lot of people drove a VW Bug or an old Ford for their first car, but who gets an MG?!? That’s a winner in my book.

  • Mark Mccormick

    Great contest and all the stories interesting and worthy. My vote is for Denise. I am her big brother and the first to take on the bug after Dad was gracious enough to give it up. I have first hand knowledge of the condition and damage to the car and can confirm that the story is extremely authentic. Tons of fun high school memories associated with the car. Wish I had one now to fix up. Go Denise!!

  • Audrey White

    My vote goes to David because I hear he named his car after me : )