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The Ugliest Side of Christmas!  by Tara


Raise your hand if you’ve ever attended or, heck, been invited to an Ugly Sweater Party. Well we decided to invite you to help with ours! We’re running a little competition at Linn Area Credit Union. We challenged our employees to wear their ugliest sweaters and it’s up to YOU to help us determine a winner!

Enough, chitter-chatter. It’s time to blind you with our ugly sweaters – just be sure to read how to vote at the end of this post! Here are our 13 entries in alphabetical order:


 Oh my, doesn’t Aaron look dashing in his neat paisley collared shirt paired with a lovely striped sweater vest? Ahh, and some fetching plaid pants to round out the outfit. A festive ensemble, indeed!


We have one sassy little Santa on hand with Alice! Love all the different Christmas-y scenes. This sweater might be busier than Santa himself!


A poncho is right for almost any holiday, especially Christmas! Just ask Beth. Cold outside? No worries, just pop on the snowman cap to keep toasty warm! Take that, Frosty.


Haley is really feeling the Christmas spirit in this picture! Just look at that lovely green sweatshirt, smartly bedazzled. Talk about bringing in the noise and bringing in the funk!


Awww, here’s Jess looking so sweet and innocent in her fuzzy green, mittened sweater! This was actually re-gifted to her by her son. Truly the gift that keeps on giving… and giving… and giving…


You better watch out; you better not shout. Ms. Lori will know if you’ve been naughty or nice! What a festive sweater. And that skirt? Well, that dazzling skirt actually depicts an entire scene of Santa delivering presents! Ho ho ho!


They say Mallory’s heart grew three sizes the day she wore this sweater! Mallory dons this handcrafted gem which is a close replica of the one the Grinch wore in his classic tale. And move over Max! Frank sure knows how to rock a pair of antlers.


Taaa-dahhh! Here’s Marcia’s Christmas sweater! The 3D velvety bows adorning the two trees really make this sweater a classic.


Marie’s sweater is all about the details. Whoever created this treasure had access to a lot of random things. Let’s see… I spy jingle bells, tinsel, buttons, fake flowers, sequins galore and some furry stuff. Did I leave anything out?


Meeeeee-ow! No idea how Matt got talked into this one, but here he is in a shirt that hardly needs an introduction. This one is sure to be a head turner at any gathering! 


Lights… Camera… PATRICIA! Lights on or off, this sweater is chock-full of Christmas cheer. Wowers!


Nothing like some sparkly puffy paint to spruce up any ol’ sweatshirt! Here’s Tracy showing us how it’s done! We puffy heart you, Tracy!


MERRY X-MAS is right, Val! Pow, Christmas over here. Pow, Christmas over there. BAM! Christmas everywhere! Val’s sweater is truly a Christmas miracle!

How to Vote!

We’ve blinded you with our Christmas spirit, now it’s time to vote for the sweater that you think should take the cake! There are 3 ways to vote (you can vote one time per social media outlet):

  1. Right here on the Bloggity Blog by leaving a comment below with the name of the person you are voting for and WHY you like (or dislike) their sweater the most.
  2. On our Facebook page by leaving a comment under the picture of the person you are voting for and telling us WHY their sweater is the ugliest. (Click here!)
  3. Tweet @LinnAreaCU with the name of the person you are voting for and WHY they deserve to win. (Click here!)

If you don’t give us a reason, the vote doesn’t count! Also, we reserve the right to discount votes from duplicate IP addresses. So no cheating, k?!?!

Voting ends at 10:00 pm on Wednesday, December 21st!

Now go get your vote on!

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tags: Ugly Sweater Contest  |  posted under Contests
  • Matt Bailey

    I’m voting for Matt! That shirt is CAT-TASTIC!

  • Amy

    Mallory gets my vote as she has a live prop with Frank!

  • Mallory

    I vote for Matt for being such a man.

  • Niki

    Beth gets my vote! Nice poncho!!!

  • April

    Val gets my vote that is just a sweet sweater!!!

  • Lindsey

    Mallory’s sweater gets my vote! You can’t buy ugly like that ;)

  • Marie

    I vote for Matt. Too Funny!!!

  • Ruth, Kyle & Becca

    We could not decide between Matt & Beth!

  • Ed

    I love Aaron’s vest. Is that Kevlar?

  • marie

    Marie’s sweater sold me with the frilly around the neck!!

  • Alli


  • Abby Johnson

    it was hard to pick between 2 people… but I gotta go with Val… because its an ugly “sweater” competition… LOL otherwise Beth gets my vote for best Christmas poncho! hahaha. Epic sweater!!

  • Paul Azizeh

    Frank gets my vote. Whatever… Mallory gets my vote by association :)

  • Jamie

    I vote for Mallory. The Grinch is classic ugly, inside and out. She takes the ugly sweater to the next level with living props, too!

  • Deb

    My vote goes to Lori, that is one crowded sweater!

  • Diane Tigges

    Val is my god-daughter/neice – of course, she gets my vote plus the sweater is adorable? Will you be wearing that Christmas Day, Val???


  • crazy can lady

    Even though her man is mine, I vote for VAL!

  • Allen Wagner

    Marie because I always vote for marie

  • Chris

    Mallory and Frank a Christmas Classic!s

  • Katie

    I vote for Mallory – The grinch sweater is awesome, and the addition of a dog costume adds to it!

  • Heidi Imhoff

    Marie. Marie can make even the ugliest sweater look good.. But don’t be fooled – on it’s own, it’s by far the ugliest (-:

  • Darlene Hass

    I vote for VAL. I mean really– A big reindeer head AND lights that work. Hands down, ugly!! (PS Love you Val!!)

  • Doug Akers

    This is a vote for Marie…that sweater will probably keep me up tonite!

  • Joannie

    Wow, Lori, you get my vote, love that skirt!! It adds so much to your nice sweater!

  • Jolene

    My vote is for Beth. Not only is she rocking that ugly poncho sweater. She also has a great mask to go with it! She went above and beyond, great job Beth!

  • aj Lucas

    i vote for marie…. because its my mom

  • mary klostermann

    I vote for Val’s sweater to be the ugliest because it is just ugly. Next is Beth several of the others don’t look like sweaters.

  • Doris Wagner

    Marie……because its truely UGLY!

  • Lou Ann

    Mallory! Such a nice tree next to the sweater makes it look worse.

  • Debbie

    Mallory! I love the Grinch movie and Frank is so cute.

  • Jean Fagerlind

    I vote for Mallory! Very nice!!

  • Kenny Weber

    Woo that sweater IS ugly!!! I vote for Mallory.

  • Greg Nance

    Mallory, for including such an ugly dog next to the pretty gal wearing the ugly sweater.

  • camryn hart

    Jess wins cause its my sweater love ya

  • Mallory

    Mallory because she asked me too!!! Lol

  • jess

    I vote for VAL.the lights just make it so ugly.LOL

  • Jackie Wilkin

    I vote for Val because she is my sister and looks so happy to be in that sweater… and because I showed my 3 year old son the picture and he said, “wwoooow!!

  • Kim Caryl

    I vote for Marie…Because Marie can make anything look super fabulous!!

  • Kelly Leidigh

    I vote for Val and I believe she should use this pic for her Christmas Cards next year!!

  • Michelle W

    I vote for Val! That is straight up homemade, look at all those lights and garland. That has got to be the ugliest sweater ever =)

  • Val K.

    I vote for Val! Seriously, lights and googly eyes? It doesn’t get better!

  • Bonnie Cook

    WOW they are all beautiful but I am voting for Val on our blog .

  • Janet

    Mallory! I love the home-made detail on the sweater and you can’t make detail like Frank!

  • Bonnie

    I vote for Val, That is one Ugly sweater! She is much to cute to be wearing that.

  • Patricia

    Val, any sweater that has a moose always wins!

  • Brenda

    A handcrafted ugly sweater gets my vote as Mallory is not afraid of hurting someones’s feelings just to win this contest!!

  • Renee Weber

    I love the look Mallory and Frank!!
    You guys get my vote!

  • Allison

    Mallory, Mallory! Love that puppy!

  • Jessie

    Since it is a Ugly Sweater contest, Val’s is pretty ugly with the lights and googly eyes..

  • Lori

    I vote for Mallory and Frank! I LOVE the Grinch :)

  • Kathy Shea

    voting for Marie because she made me

  • Gabriel

    Mallory and Frank get my vote because Val’s sweater is a fire hazard and I do not approve!

  • Lauren

    Totally Mallory and Frank all the way because she is the only one that got another species involved. :)

  • Jessie

    Mallory!! Frank is a major cutie!

  • Danny V

    Mallory!! …because between you and me, the sleeves on her sweater are repulsive! Yet festive!

  • Rhys

    Mallory and Frank! Bringing a live prop is a classy thing, and the sweater makes me think of my childhood.

  • Whitney

    Mallory for sure. The puppy reindeer is the best!

  • Jake

    I vote for Mallory because apparently we’re getting cupcakes.

  • Lauren

    I vote for Mallory because handmade is the way to go!

  • Alexis Feredinos

    Im voting for Mallory because that sweater dog/reindeer combo is awesome

  • Bruno

    I vote for Mallory and Frank!

  • Lisa T

    I vote For Mallory and frank. They are grinch-tastic!

  • Thor

    Mallory and Frank. I wore a lot of turtlenecks as a child, and just the sight of her sweater makes my neck start to squeeze.

  • Stephanie

    Mallory! Very creative ; ) and I love dogs + Frank is too cute!

  • Herb Musser

    I vote for Marcia because she is my wife.

  • Marcia

    I vote for Marcia because everyone deserves at least one vote!

  • Amber

    Gotta go with Val- that is the greatest ugly sweater ever!!!!

  • Tiffani Clark

    Val, you got my vote! You look awesome!!!!

  • Nick

    Val by force

  • Janet

    I also have to vote for Patricia. If Rudolph goes down for some reason, Santa can use the lights on the sweater.

  • Andrea

    Patrica!! Love the glow in the dark!! :)

  • Kelley

    I vote for Val!!!!!!! Her’s is one that may need to be retired after the contest!

  • Rich

    I’m going to have to vote for Val.

    Just look at that sweater, it’s like a Christmas billboard!

    Matt’s was a close second though. If it would have been a sweater and not a shirt, I think I would have voted for him.

  • Rhonda

    Jess gets my vote because she is not out campaigning for votes! =)

  • John

    While all entrants are indeed ugly, my vote has to go to Mallory. Frank puts her over the top.

  • Stacie

    I vote for Val, Rudolph looks like he is made out of ugly 70’s wallpaper and who wears lights on a sweater anyway?

  • Gretchen

    Team Val! :o)

  • Alice Hagerman

    Lori gets my vote. That skirt is hilarious and quite a beautiful use for a Christmas tree skirt!

  • Joel

    Gotta go with Mal.

  • Lee Hixson

    Gotta vote for the Clone, go Mallory and Frank.

  • Nic

    I vote for Mallory! You can’t beat a homemade sweater.

  • MCB

    Mallory Mallory Mallory Mallory…..Is this really a contest? ;)

  • Ryan Rogness

    My vote is for Matt. Reminds me of ‘jingle cats.’ Follow this link if you dare: