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Now THAT’S a Big Check!  by Tara


On behalf of Linn Area Credit Union, I wanted to give a round of applause to Alliant! The Alliant Energy Foundation has given The Teacher Store a generous donation of $1,500. This money will go towards replenishing some of the most popular items in the store, such as Clorox wipes, Kleenex, markers, folders, and backpacks.

On Thursday, January 17th, Leah Rodenberg from the Alliant Energy Foundation stopped by The Teacher Store to present us with the coveted “big check” – and, YES, it actually was a BIG CHECK! She was given the grand tour and was very impressed with how much the store had to offer. (Go here to see some pictures of the Teacher Store.)

“What is this Teacher Store?” you might be asking yourself. The Teacher Store is a non-profit place where teachers can come to get things for their classrooms. We realize that schools cannot afford to supply everything necessary for each classroom and that often means that teachers end up buying things right out of their own pockets.

So in 2008, Linn Area Credit Union joined forces with the Cedar Rapids Education Association to open The Teacher Store, with the goal of providing classroom materials and supplies at no cost to local educators. In fact, the only form of currency accepted at this store is the Teacher Buck. Educators can earn Teacher Bucks in several ways, including by becoming a member of Linn Area Credit Union, being part of the CREA, or even by volunteering at the Teacher Store.

Okay, because YOU are so awesome and a loyal Bloggity Blog reader, we are going to give you a Teacher Buck to print off and give to your favorite educator! Just click on the picture of the blue Teacher Buck  and the picture should appear in its own screen. You can print it off from there, fill it out, and give it to your favorite educator! If you have any trouble, shoot me an email at

So tell us, who was YOUR favorite teacher in school?

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  • Caren Sperfslage

    I would like to vote for Helen Girard for the Mom Contest

  • Kevin and Lisa Saunders

    We would like to vote for Helen Girard for the favorite Mom contest. Yes, she is a very giving and caring person!

  • Martin Gallardo

    I would like to vote for Helen Girard. I personally know this woman and she is awesome…She is a loving/caring mother/grandmother who deserves the best!!

  • thomas pulda

    I vote for Helen Girard

  • Thomas Borchert

    Helen Girard

  • Jessica Mullnix

    I would like to vote for Helen Girard – she’s a strong lady!

  • Cynthia Dennis

    I vote for Helen Girard. She raised a wonderful daughter named Shirley who is also a fabulous mother.

  • Shauna Kane

    I vote for Helen Girard.

  • Julie Pameticky

    I vote for Helen Girard!!!! She is one of the best MOM’S I have had the pleasure to know in my life!

  • Alice Kitterman

    I vote for Helen Girard!!

  • mpruden

    I vote for Helen Girard!

  • Kristyn Durst

    I vote for Helen Girard :)

  • Gary Hatfield

    I vote for Helen Girard

  • Eilynn Dixon

    I vote for Helen Girard because she represents what motherhood is all about, unconditional love for everyones children. The act of selfless love she has shown makes her mom of the year!