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Mother Nature Approved  by Tara


We don’t just TALK about family trees – we SAVE them, too! In fact, we’ve already saved 46 of them. (Stay with me, friends, I promise I’m going to tie it together!)

Last year, Linn Area Credit Union vowed to become a more environmentally conscious workplace.  A team of employees joined together and created the Green Team. This team looks for ways that LACU can be kinder to good Ol’ Mother Nature. One thing the Green Team noticed was that we were throwing away A LOT of stuff that actually could be recycled. So they partnered with City Carton to help the staff truly understand what could/could not be recycled. And, boy, what a difference recycling makes!

City Carton provides an awesome service which gives a company an idea of how much GOOD they’ve done for the planet. In just 6 short months, here is what LACU has accomplished:

Tell us in the comments below, do you recycle? Why or why not?

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  • Kelley

    Absolutely! Why not? Good for the planet, easy to do!

    • Tara

      We totally agree!

      ~ Tara

  • Val

    What a great feeling; great job Linn Area!

  • Susan Anderson

    Yes we do! But, we also make an effort to reduce what could be recycled. We rarely use paper towels, napkins or paper plates. Cloth napkins are an everyday item at our house. For family gatherings we made a small investment in heavy duty plastic plates (that can eventually be recycled). We always take our cloth bags to the store. We made a commitment a year ago NOT to buy bottled water. So, we have not recycled a plastic bottle since then. What makes me feel good is my own grown kids do the same things in their families.

    • Tara

      That’s awesome, Sharon! You are helping the plant out in so many ways. :o) Thanks for sharing!

      ~ Tara

  • Abby

    I am interested in the recycling tree at the top of this blog. I am a waste management educator for my regional district and am currently in the process of designing a ‘Waste Wise Guide’ calendar for our residents and am looking for some images/artwork to use. Is this tree image yours?



    • Tara

      Hi Abby!

      Thanks so much for reading our blog! I’ll be sending you an email soon to chat about the tree image.