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Carve-o-rama 2012  by Tara


We’re all about family traditions at Linn Area Credit Union and one that many of us share with our kin is pumpkin carving!

In the spirit of Halloween, our social committee challenged each department to carve and/or decorate a pumpkin. The winning department gets nothing, nada, zip, ziltch. You see, we’re super competitive in a sibling rivalry kind of way, so we’re asking for YOUR help in determining who should take the cake (let me be clear that there is actually no cake involved, just bragging rights).

And away we go….


“Eek!” Don’t be scared of our Collections department – they are clearly talented…and seem to be pretty darned good with carving tools… EEK!!!

Consumer Loans

Knock knock. Who’s there? Boo. Boo hoo? It’s just a joke — you don’t have to cry about it. Baw ha ha! Surely no one will be crying over Consumer Loan’s adorable pumpkin!

Edgewood Road Branch

By Jove – is that pumpkin wearing a fascinator?!?! Creepy crawlys are springing from the crown jewel of this bedazzled gem of a pumpkin in an oh-so fashionable way.


Who knew a skeleton face could look so SWEET?!? With flowers for eyes and a sheepish grin, this is one pumpkin that won’t make you cry out for your mama.

Marion Branch

Oh come on, this is the cutest little pumpkin display! Huggable, lovable, kid-friendly pumpkin carvings! Hopefully that’s not a real street sign, otherwise some people are going to be confused when looking for “Marion Street.”


If you need a candy bowl in a pinch and just happen to have a pumpkin and some pipe cleaners laying around, this is your project! (Tip: When transporting your pumpkin from your house to your work for, say, a contest, do not take sharp turns since the pumpkin will most likely ROLL and end up all over the back of your car with wonky ex-spider legs. Not that I have any experience with this…)


Simply spook-tacular. Any ideas on what the boots mean?

MSR/SW Drive Up Branch

Never out of the pop culture loop, MSR/SW Drive up Branch really brought it for this contest. Snooki looks so life-like – even her skin tone is smack on!

SE Branch (Mt. Vernon Road)

The artistry, the attention to detail, the exact replica of our logo! Who knew there was a Master Carver at LACU?!?!

How to vote!

Hopefully you are shivering in your britches after seeing all of our Halloween carvings, now it’s time to vote for the pumpkin that you think deserves bragging rights! There are 3 ways to vote (you can vote one time per social media outlet):

  1. Right here on the Bloggity Blog by leaving a comment below with the name of the department you are voting for and WHY you like their pumpkin the most.
  2. On our Facebook page by leaving a comment under the picture of the pumpkin you are voting for and telling us WHY that department’s carving is the best. (Click here!)
  3. Tweet @LinnAreaCU with the name of the department you are voting for and WHY they deserve to win. (Click here!)

If you don’t give us a reason, the vote doesn’t count! Also, we reserve the right to discount votes from duplicate IP addresses. So no cheating, k?!?!  Voting ends at 4:00 pm CST on October 30th. Muuuuuuuuuuuh ha ha ha ha!

Don’t be a Halloweenie – place your vote now!

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  • Amy

    I vote for Collections – it’s a real pumpkin and it is spooky just like Halloween should be!

  • Jessica

    I vote for MSR/SW Drive up Branch – Just because!!!!! :)

  • Shannon G

    I vote for MSR/SW Drive Up Branch… It’s the BEST!

  • RFP

    Collections Dept. gets my vote.. I love the red lighting and the creepy skeleton hand…

  • Michael C

    I would like to vote for the SE branch pumpkin! because it has the kewlest linn area mini pumpkin!

  • Stacey

    I have to vote for MSR/SW drive up for creativity!!

  • Stephanie

    My vote goes to the Marion Branch…it’s SUPER cute! Love the props : )

  • diane

    I vote for the Marion Branch its adorable. Everyone loves Elmo.

  • Lindsey

    My vote is for MSR/SW Drive up branch because Snooki ROCKS!! :)

  • Janet

    I vote for MSR/SW because Snookies high hair do is the bomb. I also love the ‘lil pumkin’.

  • Kathy

    Gotta go for the Collection pumpkin!

  • Eric

    My vote is for the Marion pumpkin.

  • Sandra

    SE all the way! The carving skills are amazing!! :-)

  • Jolayne

    I vote for the Collections dept pumpkin.

  • Rich

    I vote for Marion.. Save big-bird!

  • Bonnie

    Edgewood Road Branch– I love the purple, glitter&spiders

  • Marie

    I vote for collections

  • Lori

    A really tough choice but my vote goes to MSR because Jersey Shore really scares me!

  • Jess

    I vote for SE…very cool

  • Bobbie

    Tough decision they are all so creative, BUT my vote goes for the collectons.

  • Laura

    I vote for the SE pumpkin! Look at that amazing smile!

  • Joel

    My vote is for collections.
    I’d hate to have the knife crazy person that carved that hideous beast of a pumkin after me… :)

  • Amelia

    my voite is for collections!! i love the subtle glow and creepy factor

  • Trent

    I vote for collections, love the skeleton hand

  • kristin


  • Michelle

    I vote for Collections! Very scary and creatively hand carved!

  • Bill

    Collections gets my vote!! Looks awesomely scary!!

  • Kathy Shea

    I vote for collections, because they rock!!

  • LP

    Without a doubt I’m voting for SE Branch! That pumpkin is eating other pumpkins it’s so awesome! No pumpkin can withstand the onslaught!

  • Patricia

    Hey it takes some skills to paint the day of the dead skulls… so I vote for HR TD!!

  • Katherine

    i vote training. mulitcultural halloween. :)

  • Tom

    Collections has my vote, it looks the scariest!

  • John


  • Kathy

    My votes goes to Marion-who can not love Elmo & Big Bird!

  • Jenni

    Collections the hand on the top was great:)

  • Jason


  • Brenda

    I vote for Collections….good creepy pumpkin!

  • Savannah

    My vote is for se i love their creativity

  • Tina

    I vote for the Collections Dept. Love the intricate detailing of the skeleton hand!

  • Cheri

    I vote for MSR/SW Branch for creativitiy.

  • Joe

    I vote for SE Branch (Mt. Vernon Road), detail is awesome, very creative/unusual!

    But don’t tell my 2 year old Daughter how I voted, She would most definitely vote for Big Bird & Elmo.

  • Carmen

    Collections, I would like to help give them bragging rights.

  • Megan

    My vote is for Collections!! Perfectly creepy in the holiday spirit!

  • Aaron

    Se branch has the best pumpkin…..they carved one and painted one….very cool

  • Stacie

    I vote for the MSR/SW Branch because it’s awesome!!

  • Liz

    I vote for collections! Because it’s cool:)

  • Kim

    I vote for Marion… they did two pumpkins those over achievers!!!

  • Alice Hagerman

    Marketing gets my vote… there’s a Reece’s peanut butter cups in there people!

  • Jim

    My vote goes to Collections