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Facebook Notifications  by Tara


Guess what! Facebook has changed again! I know, you’re in total shock. ;o)

You may have noticed that posts from businesses aren’t consistently popping up in your news feed anymore. Such a bummer! There are some businesses that I want to know when they have something to say, such as my favorite clothing stores and money saving sites, like Linn Area Credit Union. First, I’ll explain the “why” behind this Facebook fiasco and then show you how to change your settings to ensure you don’t miss any posts by your favorite businesses!

The “Why”

Facebook has a random mathematical equation that keeps track of how often you interact with each business page. If you interact with a page often, you are expressing interest in that business and, as a result, you’re more likely to see their posts in your news feed. I have found that is equation MUST be flawed since there is at least one baby-related company I interact with often and still wasn’t seeing their updates. Is this you, too? Okay, you’re definitely going to want to follow my suggested setting changes below!

The Fix

To be sure you don’t miss a post by your favorite business page, you can enable notifications and choose to have it show in your news feed (though the latter isn’t always consistent). It’s really easy to do!

1. Head over to Linn Area Credit Union on Facebook (FYI: it won’t work from your mobile)

2. On the right hand side on the page, click the “Like” button and a drop down will appear.

3. Select “Get Notifications” and “Show in News Feed.” Check marks will appear to show that they have been enabled.

Like so:

You can also choose to add Pages to Interest Lists, but I’ll have more on that later!

Questions? Just let me know in the comments below! I’m happy to help! :o)

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