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Making the Leap  by Jan


I’m truly impressed with our Mobile Money app. Truly.

Generally speaking, I’m not a person who leaps into action when the brand-spankin’-newest, high-tech gadget is introduced. Or software. Or anything, for that matter.

It’s pretty easy for me to be that person who just goes along with what they’ve got, and that works for them. (If you’re an early adopter, I know I’ve totally lost you. That’s OK. Go find something new-to-you to fall in love with… and catch up with us next time!)

So when Linn Area Credit Union launched the Mobile Money app last year, I was surprised by my reaction. I wanted to try it!

As the mom and CFO of our family, I got myself set up for online banking years ago. Need to transfer money? Bam! Need to pay a credit card? Boom! (Way easier than writing checks and dropping them in the mail… although, yes, there are times I still do that.)

Sometimes, though, I would be nowhere near a computer when I realized that, hey, that credit card bill that I tossed into the back seat of the car weeks ago, remember that one? It’s due today! (Really, you never do that? It can’t be just me!)

So I’m out and about, with no laptop, and I’m thinking about what I can use. Coffee shop wi-fi? Nope. No laptop. (And would that be secure?) A library computer? (Heck, I don’t know. How risky is that?)

Ugh. I’ll just have to deal with it tonight when I get home. Double ugh.

Flash forward. As soon as Linn Area released the Mobile Money app, I downloaded it. I. Was. Totally. Hooked. (And it didn’t take long, either!) Want to see account balances? Bam! Want to transfer money? Boom! Plus, I always have my cell phone with me, so the convenience factor is off the charts!

In fact, I loved the Mobile Money app so much, when we began testing the Mobile Deposit function, I was one of the first in line! Does this make me an early adopter? Nope. But it sure makes my life easier!

Especially when I find the credit card bill in the back seat.

Download Our New Mobile Money App!  by Jan


We’re so excited! (And we just can’t hide it!)

Our new Mobile Money app is a reality! It’s a pretty slick deal, too, if we do say so ourselves!

The free Mobile Money app is available in both the Apple App and the Google Play stores. Just pick your store and search for “Linn Area Credit Union Mobile Money.” Install that bad boy, and you’re good to go!

(Helpful hint: You gotta be signed up for eBranch, our free online banking tool, in order to log in to the app, so be sure to click here and take care of that, if you haven’t already!)

Our new mobile app lets you check balances, pay bills, transfer funds, and view transactions. You can even budget on-the-go with MyMoola, our personal money manager. Your account information is at your fingertips 24/7/365!

If you’re already a Mobile Money user, you’ll want to install the new app asap and uninstall the old one, because (eventually) we will be retiring the original. (Hey, it’s old hat, now!)

Happy Mobile Moneying!

Android App Store Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

MyMoola: B is for Budget  by Tara


Tara shows you how to set up spending targets using the tags that you’ve created for your transactions.

The “B” word. It makes cringe. It makes us sweaty. It makes us think of all the ways we’ve gone wrong in the past. That B-word sure is powerful. But, friends, it is time to take the power BACK from this terrible B-word! MyMoola has helped me do it, and it can help you, too. You can set up a budget for any tags that you’ve created. (Not sure how to tag? Click here!)

In this video, Tara shows you how to set up spending targets using the tags that you’ve created for your transactions:

Let’s say it together: Budget. Budget. BUDGET!!!

Empowering, isn’t it?

MyMoola: Dashboard  by Tara


We are beyond excited to introduce the newest addition to our suite (or should we say “SWEET!”) of products and services… MyMoola!!!

Many of our members have asked for a personal financial management system, similar to We heard you loud and clear! Our answer is this colorful, user-friendly site that is completely integrated with the eBranch you know and love. All of your Linn Area accounts will automatically be added in, but then you can add ANY of your financial accounts. When we say ANY, we mean it. So if you have an account at another credit union or, say, a big bank, you can still add it to MyMoola. You can add credit cards of any kind (even store ones!), retirement funds, loans, and even 529s! Using MyMoola will help you save time, achieve your goals, track spending, and, overall, manage all your bling.

In this video, you’ll get a quick tour of the Dashboard (as they say on HGTV, “Where the magic happens!”), teach you how to add accounts, and how to edit your existing accounts:

We want to know: Have you tried out MyMoola yet?!?! What’s your favorite feature?

Delicate Balance  by Tara


Life is all about balance. Some days you might feel like a member of the Fab Five, just trying to keep both feet on that balance beam so that you can achieve your dreams. I’ll tell you, every Olympic gymnast I watched on that balance beam caused me to hold my breath and keep my body perfectly still – hoping that maybe my stillness would somehow help them keep both feet on that beam. A delicate balance, that’s for sure.

It’s not so different with our finances, really. We have to do everything we can to stay grounded because swaying too far one way or another could cost us lots of points (on our credit report, that is).

At Linn Area Credit Union, we want our members to feel as balanced as possible. One perk we have over pretty much anyone else is that our credit card rates are super duper low. We urge you to take a look at the rates you are paying on your cards and then compare them to ours. One suggestion we have is for you to move any balances you have on a higher rate card over to our low rate cards and, ultimately, pay less in interest.

Did you know that it doesn’t just have to be a major credit card you can transfer a balance from? It can be a store card or even a loan.

So how does this work? If you already have one of our credit cards, you just click here to fill out a balance transfer form online or come on in and we’ll hook you up. If you don’t have one of our cards yet – yeesh, it’s about time you get on that! Go here to get started.

The balance transfer form needs the following info regarding the card/loan you are transferring the balance from:

Pay To (the name of the credit card/loan we are paying off)
Address (the addy of the place were you currently send your payment to for the card or loan we’re paying off)
Account Number (you guessed it – the account number of the card or loan we are paying off!)
Amount to be transferred

Interest will accrue (but at a lesser amount than before on your higher interest card), but we won’t charge you any fees for this service. Allow three weeks for the transfer to be made and make any payments required during that time. Keep in mind, the amounts you transfer must stay within the credit limit of your card.

I’m going to take a wild guess and predict that your plan for 2016 probably does NOT include balancing on a beam while donning a red sparkly unitard as the whole world watches, but, if you get with LACU, you might be gearing up for a gold medal in financial freedom!

Now that we’ve all had plenty of time to recover from all the late nights of staying up to watch the Olympics, what was your favorite moment?

Online Banking: Are you getting the most out of it? (Part 2)  by Mallory


Welcome back to Mallory’s Crazy Crash Course in Online Banking! (I just named it that – do you like it?) Last time we talked about the Overview tab and the Account Access tab. Hopefully you had a chance to go play around with both of those. Today we’re going to be finishing up by taking a close look at the Bill Payment tab and the Options tab!

So grab your morning cup of Joe and let’s do this! Woohoo!!! (Too much sass for this early?)

The Bill Payment tab actually connects you directly to our bill payer website. Bill payer is a service that you will need to sign up for either by calling 378-0101 or by stopping into one of our branches, but once you are set up, clicking on this tab takes you right to your information and you are ready to pay bills. You can fill out someone you want to pay and the amount and make one time or reoccurring payments.  It also keeps a history of payments made. It’s pretty slick and, best yet, totally free to you.

And last, but not least, is the Options tab. I could write a whole blog on this tab alone, but this will just be a quick overview of each box under this tab:

  • Secure mail
    • A direct and secure way for you to email us at Linn Area Credit Union

  • Alerts
    • Set up alerts to be emailed or texted to you (For example: When you hit a certain balance or a certain check number clears you’ll be contacted via email or text.)
    • Set up reminders to be emailed or texted to you (For example: You’ll receive a text or email when a loan payment is automatically coming out on such and such date.)

  • Personal options
    • Update personal information
    • Set up preferences (like which screens comes up when you log on or which accounts pop up on the overview screen)
    • Nickname accounts (Confused by all those numbers and dashes? Just nickname your accounts so you know what they are. Eg. Mallory’s checking or Nick’s savings.)

  • Additional services
    • Click on e-statements to view PDFs of your statements rather than receiving them in the mail (Not only is this good for the environment, but its way faster than snail mail!)
    • Mobile money. Click on this link to sign up to get access to your accounts from your phone.  (Personally, my favorite feature!)

  • Member Requests
    • Apply for a loan, stop payments and much more!

And one more quick thing, you may notice up in the right hand corner something that says “Members CHAT.” That button will connect you live to one of our Member Service Representatives available during our working hours here at the credit union.

Not a member of e-branch yet? Want to sign up? You can sign up on our website by clicking here. Otherwise, feel free to give us a call at 378-0101 or stop in and let us know you want to get signed up! It’s really that easy!

Online Banking: Are you getting the most out of it? (Part 1)  by Mallory


Are you a current user of our online banking (e-branch)? Did you just get signed up? Either way, this blog may be for you. I am here to give you some tips on how to get the most out of e-branch so that you can do what you want with your money when you want to! This particular blog post is going to be a two parter. I know that when I’m learning something new, sometimes it’s nice to get just little bit of info at a time.

Alright! So when you log into online banking there are 4 main tabs to work with – two of which I’ll talk about today and the other two will be explored next time. I am going to go through each tab and the functions within each one. You may be surprised by some of the things you can do!

You ready for Part 1?? Here we go!

Right when you log into e-Branch, the first tab that comes up is the Overview tab (unless you change it in preferences, which we will get to later…). This tab is basically just as it sounds – an overview of up to 5 of your accounts (again customizable) and their balances. You can also do a quick transfer between your accounts and view any scheduled transfers you have set up. Simple and easy, just the way I like it!

The next tab is the Account Access tab. Under this tab you are able to see all of the accounts you are an owner or joint owner of (even other account numbers).  This is the tab that you want to go to if you want to transfer money. You can transfer funds for one time only or set up scheduled transfers. For scheduled transfers, you can set up what day of the month you want it to come out, the frequency and the total number of transfers you want to occur. You can also look at your transfer history.

These next 2 features you may not know about:  account to account transfer and withdrawal by check.

Account to account transfer is transferring money from one financial institution to another. We know that Linn Area may not be the home for all your money *insert sad face here*, so we have this handy feature that allows you to transfer money between two accounts – even if one of these accounts is not a Linn Area one (e.g. transferring money to/from a Big Bank account from/to your Linn Area account). For more details, please call 378-0101 or stop in and an account representative would be happy to walk you through getting it set up.

A withdrawal by check means that you would like a paper check withdrawn from your account, made out to you and mailed to you. People may use this feature as a means to transfer money from one financial to another without having to write a check of their own.

So in a nutshell, the Account Access tab is where you can move your moola around.

On both the Overview tab and the Account Access tab you are able to click on your account and see the current activity and pending transactions. (This does not include credit cards. On credit cards you are able to make payments from e-Branch, but not see activity. To see the credit card activity go to and get signed up!) Do know that on either of these tabs, you can use transfers to make payments to your loans and your credit card.

Okay, guys, I think this is a good stopping point! Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? I hope not. In the next blog, I’ll be giving you the inside scoop on the Billpayer tab and the Options tab.

Questions? Just ask below in the comments!

One touch access to Mobile Money on your iPhone!  by John


UPDATE: We now have a free Mobile Money app you can download in the Google Play and Apple App stores. Search for “Linn Area Credit Union Mobile Money.” Easy-peasy! (Be sure you’re signed up for eBranch, our online banking service, so you can log on!)

OK, so you’ve got an iPhone and have signed up for our smartphone banking product, Mobile Money. It’s a great, easy to use service, but, dang it, you sure have to touch the screen a lot to get there! Here’s how to add a link right on your phone’s home screen:

1. Open the iPhone’s browser and navigate to the page you want. In this case it will be your unique URL for Mobile Money.


2. Touch the Add icon on the bottom middle of the Safari screen. Depending on your phone’s iOS, it will either be a “+” sign like this   or a rectangle with an arrow coming out of it like this .


3. Select “Add to Home Screen”.

4. The “Add to Home” screen will show. You can rename your link from here. I went all creative and named mine Mobile Money. After making the change click the “Add” button.

5. Voila! There’s a new icon on your home screen that looks like this . Going forward all you have to do is touch it to go directly to Mobile Money.


That was pretty painless, right? “But John, I don’t have Mobile Money!” Why not? It’s free and super-handy. Go here to learn more!

Any questions about the above – leave a comment or email me at I’ll be happy to help.

How to get Mobile Money  by Tara


UPDATE: We now have a free Mobile Money app you can download in the Google Play and Apple App stores. Search for “Linn Area Credit Union Mobile Money.” Easy-peasy! (Be sure you’re signed up for eBranch, our online banking service, so you can log on!)

On Wednesday you read Amber’s story of how Mobile Money got her out of a bind while grocery shopping, which hopefully has inspired you to take advantage of this FREE service provided by Linn Area Credit Union. But, if you’re anything like me, you like to have step-by-step instructions on how to get signed up! Well, friends, here you go:

Log on to your account via E-Branch

Click on the “Options” tab

Go to the “Additional Services” tab and select “Mobile Money”

Click “Sign Up”

Check the box that says “Accept terms and conditions” and then click “Continue”

Choose the central time zone in the drop down box

Choose the accounts that you would like to be able to access on Mobile Money from the list

Choose a texting nickname (ex: savings could be “sav” or “save” or “1”  or whatever you want!)

Click “Continue”

Enter your mobile number

Click “Next”

Choose text messaging and mobile browser if you have smart phone; choose just text if your phone only has texting capabilities (go here for more clarification)

You will immediately receive a text with your activation code

Enter activation code into the specified box on your computer and click “Activate”

It will then tell you that activation has been successful and will text you instructions on how to use it

If you have a Smartphone, save the unique URL to your browser’s favorites so you can quickly and easily access your account information (My handy-dandy tip: Instead of the normal bookmark, I actually saved my link to my iPhone’s home screen, which created a handy little icon for me!)

Now, remember, the above step-by-step guide is meant to be a Cliff Notes version! Be sure that you are reading everything on the screens, as there will be additional information throughout the sign up process. If you get stuck, know that you can always call us at 319.378.0101 or connect with us using Live Chat and we’ll help you walk through it!

A big thanks to Stacey Carter, one of our Member Services Representatives, for creating the step-by-step guide to getting Mobile Money!

How Mobile Money Saved Me!  by Amber


UPDATE: We now have a free Mobile Money app you can download in the Google Play and Apple App stores. Search for “Linn Area Credit Union Mobile Money.” Easy-peasy! (Be sure you’re signed up for eBranch, our online banking service, so you can log on!)

I LOVE my phone!  I use it to Tweet a little. I also update my status on Facebook while on-the-go (probably a little too often).  Heck, if I am not careful about what I say, my mom will call me about my Facebook status. But, even more importantly than staying connected socially, I am now able to check my account balance and transaction history all through my phone using Mobile Money! 

I’d like to share with you guys how Mobile Money actually got me out of a bind when I was at the checkout just a couple of weeks ago! 

I am a busy mom of two little ones and was in a hurry one evening at a local “super center.”  While checking out, I used my Linn Area debit card as a credit (then I get my 12 signature based transactions in to qualify for my High Yield checking account!), but the sales associate said it wasn’t going through.  Now, it wasn’t declined, but their system wasn’t reading my card. 

After scanning my card twice, I decided to take matters into my own hands and pulled out my little pink Smartphone.  While waiting for a manager to check out the register and investigate the issue, I pulled up my Mobile Money link (a unique URL that was sent to me when I signed up for Mobile Money) and clicked to view my “pending transactions.” It showed that the “supercenter” was pending for the exact amount shown on the register. The sales clerk and the manager were a little surprised, but they allowed me to leave with my purchases as they continued to puzzle over their machine. 

Before I left I said, “I will check my account again later – through Mobile Banking of course – and let you know if the transaction does not come out. I will come back and pay for the items if that happens.”  

They seemed very thankful, although still confused over what was going on with their register. I left feeling fabulous because I have a credit union that has what I call trendy technology that fits my lifestyle.  

You don’t have to have a Smartphone to take advantage of Mobile Money! Any phone with texting capabilities can participate. It’s super easy and FREE! Check back on Friday, when we’ll give you detailed instructions on how to get Mobile Money! (Or if you want to try it on your own, go here!)

We are lucky enough to have Amber join us today as a guest blogger. You might know her from her everyday work in our Member Services Department – although it would be her friendly voice that you would most recognize. She also helps people through our handy Live Chat feature. If you ever need help with Mobile Money, Amber is your go-to girl! Thanks for the blog post, Amber!

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