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Meet Stephanie  by Tara


IMG_2135Meet Stephanie. You may not recognize her pretty little face, but if you were to hear her voice, you’d be like, “I KNOW HER!” Stephanie has helped our members over the phone for 2 years. Last week she received a call from a member on a family getaway in Florida. A rental car company had placed a monster hold on her card and tied up all her vacation funds. Talk about a destination disaster! As you can imagine, this member was slightly upset. Stephanie was able to help sort everything out so that this family could enjoy the rest of their vacation. In fact, Stephanie is a Florida native and actually gave some recommendations of things to do in the area.

Not only did the member call in on Saturday to express her appreciation, but her daughter came in today in the hopes of thanking Stephanie in person. Pretty darned impressive.

Thanks, Stephanie, for all that you do for our members! That 1% extra makes all the difference – and can even take someone’s vacation from horror story to a feel good comedy!


Whiners are weiners!  by Mallory


“Whiners are Wieners” was a recent title of a Survivor: Philippines episode so aptly named by our very own Linn Area Credit Union survivor, Denise Stapley. And Denise is certainly neither.

Let me rewind. We take the TV show Survivor very seriously here at Linn Area Credit Union. Each season, we have a group of employees who make the show into a game. This season, we have 25 people playing! Here’s our fabulous board:

So Linn Areainites were beyond excited to discover that Denise Stapley was selected to be on the show. Denise has been part of our Linn Area family for quite some time and you guys actually voted her the winner in our “My First Ride” contest in 2010 (see her entry here). In fact, True Dork added that very special honor into her bio (go here to see the article). See, she’s already a winner!

I am the (self-appointed) Linn Area Survivor Expert, so I know a thing or two about how things go on this show. I’ve watched every single season and can usually figure out who will ultimately win the game.

Here’s my brief synopsis to catch you up to speed (but be sure to read on to find out about my recent conversation with Denise):

Denise may be tiny, but she is super strong and an excellent competitor (could be thanks to her background and passion for triathlons!). Levelheaded, a hard worker and loyal team player, she possesses all the qualities found in the typical winner of this game. From the very beginning, Denise has been faced with challenges. After arriving at the Philippines, she immediately was placed on a team that continued to lose, and lose, and lose until there were only two people left, including her. But she managed to fight back and win people over with her down to earth and genuine personality. Now here she is in the final 5!

I vividly remember her saying on the way to one tribal council, “Even if Russell and Malcolm vote me out, I still know they are good guys.” That just stuck with me. She gets that it’s a game and is able to be clear-minded enough to see her competitors as real people. So cool! I knew I was a big fan as soon as she said that.

I’ll never forget the first time I saw her come into the credit union after the show had started airing. My very first question was, “Is Malcolm as cute as he looks on TV?!” She laughed and said “Yes!” As soon as that was settled, I could move on to the other millions of questions I had for her. The poor girl was just ambushed by question after question after question by yours truly. I couldn’t help it – I just might be her biggest fan. :o)

One thing Denise was surprised about was how little we really see of what is actually going on. Gotta love EDITING! Of course, she can’t say very much and she gave nothing away. Boo…

I did ask her if she had the “best time” and she simply responded, “It was an experience.”

If – I mean, WHEN Denise makes it to the final three, she will face a jury of her peers, made up of nine contestants from her season that have been voted off. They will choose the victor. I think this is where her impeccable strategy will pay off.

Last week on the show, I believe she said it best (and I’m paraphrasing here), “The jury is looking for someone with a balanced game; someone that can play the mental, social, and physical game.” Denise is doing just that.

Denise, sorry if I’ve embarrassed you. I just can’t contain my excitement! You are a real pleasure to watch and make it easy to cheer for a Cedar Rapids native and a fellow Linn Area Credit Union family member!

Watch Denise tonight at 7:oo PM Central and hopefully on Sunday’s finale!

Based on my expert opinion, I really, really think that we are watching a fellow Cedar Rapidian become the WINNER of this season, people! So if you haven’t been watching, TURN IT ON NOW!

An Insider’s View of the Edgewood Branch  by Nick


This week we have been celebrating the Grand Opening of our new Edgewood Road office. Since we’ve been open for a little over a month, I thought I’d give you great folks out there a little update on how it’s going and, for those of you who haven’t been able to make it out yet, a description of what it’s like here! (Be sure to click here to check out our Facebook Page to see more pics!)

Our new branch has a different feel to it. It’s so great when members come in and are as excited as we are to be here! They love the warm greeting mixed with prompt friendly service. What more could you ask for? 

My favorite part about being here is the innovative look. I have visited many financials in my life and, believe me, this is very different. It seems we have taken a ride into the future and jumped ahead twenty years or so. 

For us at Linn Area, it’s about taking your experience as a member to the next level. For example, instead of a teller wall, we have individual pods to make transactions a little more personal. Members have mentioned how happy they are with the new and improved experience. It makes them feel like they are more than just a number; they truly are family. 

To make things even better, our building is very energy efficient. It’s almost like a twilight zone experience. You walk down the hall and all the lights turn on as you move along. You walk into a room and the lights turn on. One of my fellow employees said that it can be a little odd at night because a light may randomly turn on because it sensed some motion, and yet nobody was around that particular area. *insert Twilight Zone music here* 

The new branch also has a great business center. This can be used for businesses that partner with Linn Area Credit Union. If you have any questions about this, please call 378-0101 and talk with Lori Vana or Alice Hagerman.  

Although the building has changed, our staff hasn’t. Come on in to enjoy a cup of coffee and see Val, Marlene, Bonnie, Amanda, Michelle and myself. We look forward to helping you with all your financial needs!

Have you visited the new Edgewood branch yet? If you have, what did YOU think about it???

Tales From the Front Line: Hey, you dropped your debit card!  by Tara


Let’s set the scene: It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Marlene, a staff member at the SW location who will be heading to the new Edgewood branch, helped a member in the drive through lane. As the member grabbed the envelope of money she had withdrawn, unbeknownst to the member or Marlene, her debit card fell out onto the ground. The member drove off. 

A little while later, another member came through the same lane. He told Marlene that there was a debit card laying on the ground. Marlene immediately went outside to retrieve the card and then called the member who owned it. To the member’s distress, she had to work until 5:00 p.m., but had wanted to get some great deals early on Black Friday morning. Marlene was quick to tell the member that she would wait for her in the parking lot at the SW branch to ensure that the member would be able to carry on with her big shopping plans. 

The member actually returned to the office soon after just to share her story and thank us for going above and beyond. She even said that she was telling everyone at her work how Linn Area Credit Union made her holiday just by being so kind and helpful. 

But, here at Linn Area Credit Union, we just call this act of kindness “Wednesday.” We do things like this all the time for our amazing members!

Have your own story about how we’ve helped you out of a bind or have made you feel really special? Click here to let us know (be sure to include your email address so we can contact you). Who knows, you just might be featured in our blog!