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Drum roll, please….  by Jan


We’re excited to announce that we are launching the new on November 1! (That’s right, folks! Right here, right now… November 1, 2016!)

In May 2016, we emailed you a survey asking for your opinion on the eServices we provide — from our Mobile Money app to our website. We were totally amped up about the responses and couldn’t wait to put some of your suggestions into action.

So, let’s take a tour of some of the changes you’ll see!

One of the most-noted shortcomings of the website was that it wasn’t responsive when being accessed on a mobile device. (No surprise there – there’s been bucketloads of technological progress since the site’s previous remake in 2010!) Well, now our website automatically changes the layout so it’s waaaaay easier to view on palm-sized screens. We love how our new website looks and functions on mobile devices. At the risk of gushing, I can tell you it’s awesome: clean, smooth, and easy-to-use.

As long as we’re talking about easy-to-use, let’s talk navigation. We have indeed improved it. Now you can see how to get to pages two to three levels deep on the main menu without even clicking. (Say it with me: We love the hover.)

Another thing you wanted was the ability to log in to eBranch from wherever you were on the site. Looking at an auto loan? You want to be able to log in to eBranch. Checking out CDs? You want to log in to eBranch. And now, you can! The eBranch login is locked in place on whatever page you visit, so you never have to send out a search party to find it. (Go ahead and shout it out! It makes us happy, too!)

And speaking of easy access, you wanted to be able to find our rate info and our-ever-so-popular calculators without having to poke around like Pooh Bear looking for hunny. Well, our rates tab is now locked up with the eBranch login. (Boom!) Our most commonly used calculators – the auto loan, savings, and retirement planner calculators – all live right on the home page, and the rest of the calculators are just one click away.

Our routing/transit number is also right out there in the open, at the bottom of every page.

Overall, it’s a cleaner, integrated, more modern website that offers you – our fabulous members! – a much better online experience. And, since the changes are based on your survey feedback, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it!

Download Our New Mobile Money App!  by Jan


We’re so excited! (And we just can’t hide it!)

Our new Mobile Money app is a reality! It’s a pretty slick deal, too, if we do say so ourselves!

The free Mobile Money app is available in both the Apple App and the Google Play stores. Just pick your store and search for “Linn Area Credit Union Mobile Money.” Install that bad boy, and you’re good to go!

(Helpful hint: You gotta be signed up for eBranch, our free online banking tool, in order to log in to the app, so be sure to click here and take care of that, if you haven’t already!)

Our new mobile app lets you check balances, pay bills, transfer funds, and view transactions. You can even budget on-the-go with MyMoola, our personal money manager. Your account information is at your fingertips 24/7/365!

If you’re already a Mobile Money user, you’ll want to install the new app asap and uninstall the old one, because (eventually) we will be retiring the original. (Hey, it’s old hat, now!)

Happy Mobile Moneying!

Android App Store Download_on_the_App_Store_Badge_US-UK_135x40

Goodbye, Winter! Hello, New home!  by Tara


new home

Has being cooped up all winter given you the itch to buy a new home? According to our Director of Mortgage Lending, Larry Potter, you’re not alone.

Larry Potter Director of Mortgage Lending

Larry Potter
Director of Mortgage Lending

“We always see an increase in home sales in the springtime,” he says. “This year we expect to see even more activity due to the unusually low interest rates.”

When getting ready to venture into the housing market, the very first thing you need to do is get a preapproval letter. Often, realtors won’t show you houses without one! A preapproval letter simply states the maximum amount that you are preapproved to spend on a home. From there, realtors are able to skillfully guide you to homes within your price range.

During this process, your Linn Area mortgage loan officer will provide you with estimated monthly payments as well as total cash needed to close. The preapproval process is shockingly easy.

“Just give us a call at 378-0101, ext 3. We can usually get you preapproved over the phone in just 10 or 15 minutes!”

If the chatting on the phone isn’t your gig, feel free to apply online at or stop on by our Blairs Ferry office to get one-on-one personal service from one of our helpful mortgage loan officers.

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Free Money for college!!!  by Tara


Warren AIf you are a high school senior, currently in college or continuing your education – this is your chance to snag one of six Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarships! These scholarships are made possible by the good people at Iowa Credit Unions through the Iowa Credit Union Foundation. Here is one important piece of info upfront: Applications are due on Friday, February 6th, 2015, so there’s little room for procrastination (What? Who does that?!?).

There are two different scholarship programs are available:

1. High School Scholarship – Scholarships for high school seniors with a projected graduation date of 2015. The high school scholarships include a first-place prize of $1,500; second place of $1,000; third place of $750 and fourth place of $500. Click here to apply for the high school senior scholarship.

2. Post-High School Scholarship – Scholarships for post-high school, continuing education students and current college students. The post-high school scholarship category includes two $1,000 scholarships. Click here to apply for the post-high school scholarship.

Make sure to read all of the scholarship guidelines and follow the application process (go here for more info). It is very important to note that you must be a credit union member in good standing to be considered. Each applicant is required to answer the following question in no more than 500 words. Essay questions are designed to encourage learning about the credit union movement and its mission.

2015 Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship Essay Question:

Student loans are a common way to help fund college education. Upon graduation, many students are left with a huge amount of debt they need to repay. What can you do to help offset the expenses of college? How can your credit union assist?

Ready to do this? Of course, you are! These scholarships are going to go to six people – one of them might as well be you! Click here for more information and to fill out the application!

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What we wish members knew!  by Tara


smiling teenagers in sunglasses hanging outsideWe totally recognize that “banker’s hours” aren’t always the most convenient for the average working person. At Linn Area Credit Union, we want to do everything possible to make sure that your transactions with us are quick and, dare I say, enjoyable!

When I’m working on the frontline on Saturdays, I often times think to myself, “Shoot, if only members knew ________, they would have been able to save themselves some time!”

So here is a small list I’ve complied with the help of a few of my fellow co-workers that might help you in the future:

  • Write your account number on your check and sign the back. Every check that we take in has to have an account number on it. If you do this for us, it helps find your account and get it deposited quicker!
  • When depositing cash, count it first and know the total. Why? Well… it’s just a good to know that your total and my total agree. Capeesh?
  • If you aren’t able to get to us during business hours, don’t forget that you can always deposit in our night drops. Each location has one (even our super awesome temporary trailer at Blairs Ferry) and it is first priority the next business morning. Yes, even over the ATMs!
  • And even though we LOVE to see your smiling face, we know that getting to a branch can be time consuming. We can take care of most things over the phone at 378-0101 or on eBranch. This includes common transactions like checking balances, transferring money (including loan payments, credit card payments, or maybe saving your teenager from an overdraft). You can update your contact info, too!

These simple tips just might save yourself a whole lunch break or allow you to sleep in on a Saturday morning instead of rushing to see us.

Treasure Hunting  by Matt


Treasure ChestWould you believe that there is a magical place where lost things have been found, and someone’s trying to give it back to you? Would you believe that this fantastic person is backed by a whole office of assistants who want nothing but to help you find what was long ago forgotten? It’s not a genie in a Cave of Wonders, but for some, it can still end in treasure!

I’m talking about the Treasurer’s office of the State of Iowa and the Great Iowa Treasure Hunt! Maybe you’ve heard of their site, maybe you’ve seen their booth at the State Fair, but their primary job is to collect forgotten possessions, and reunite them with their owners. Most people who are familiar with this program are aware that the Treasure Hunt collects forgotten or lost account balances, but did you know they also collect things like safe deposit box contents, lost checks that were never cashed, or even unclaimed stock? There’s a lot of lost stuff out there!

I suppose you wonder how things like these can be “lost”. I mean, I don’t usually forget about my checking account…though it sometimes tries to forget me after I abuse it with some shopping, but in reality, it’s not usually like that. Often it’s related to someone moving away, or maybe never knowing they even had an account. Maybe Grandma opened an account to save for your college expenses, but never told you about it. Many times it’s due to the owner passing away and beneficiaries never finding the property.

So now the important part…how can you get your hands on anything out there that might be yours?? It’s crazy easy. Just visit their website at to see if there’s anything out there for you. If you jump on it quick enough, you just might just find yourself a few extra coins to spend on something nice for the holidays!

Have a story about you or someone you know that’s found success with the Treasure Hunt? Comment and share!

Make Your Money Mobile!  by Tara


UPDATE: We now have a free Mobile Money app you can download in the Google Play and Apple App stores. Search for “Linn Area Credit Union Mobile Money.” Easy-peasy! (Be sure you’re signed up for eBranch, our online banking service, so you can log on!)

Money Money GET ICON

Eye on a new set of wheels?  by Tara


You know you want to buy a car and you really, really want the process to be smooth. You decide to get preapproved by your favorite financial institution (Linn Area Credit Union, of course).

The bonus of getting preapproved prior to heading to the lot is really just the added confidence that you are buying within your means without any pressure. When you are preapproved for a car loan through Linn Area Credit Union, that means you can spend up to an agreed upon amount on that purchase.
So you don’t buy this:

sports car racing in public

when you really can only afford this:

Ancienne Voiture

So you’ve been preapproved for a loan – CONGRATULATIONS! After your ears stop ringing from all the blow horns and kazoos, here is how it all shakes out once you go to buy your car:

  • You go to the car lot. (Well, hello, Captain Obvious.)
  • Pick out that fabulous new or new-to-you car.
  • When it comes time to talk about financing, let them know that you have already been preapproved through your besties at LACU.
  • Most dealers will be able to create your LACU paperwork on site, which will be uber convenient and save you time!
  • Drive away in that fab car.

Of course, you can always get financed at the dealership – just make sure to let them know you’re one of our fabulous members and that you’d like to finance through us.

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TV Star: Becki  by Tara


The warmer weather brings us our gardener extraordinaire – Becki! {Special guest appearances made by Sherlock and Olivia.}

“The main thing about Linn Area Credit Union that I have never experienced elsewhere is the fact that they look out for you like a family does. When no one else would look twice at us for that first house loan, they did, because they looked at our individual situation. That is why I will always be faithful to LACU.”

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VIDEO: Finalists and Winner!  by Tara


Ready to see the look of surprise from 3 amazing ladies? Join us as we meet all our Nom the Mom finalists and ultimately crown one of them our 2014 Nom the Mom!

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