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TV Star: The Witter Family  by Tara


Meet the busy and super active Witter family! This bunch is made up of a kindergarten teacher, a database manager, a 5 year old and a 3 year old. Oh, AND they own a construction business! How do they get it all done? With a lot of energy and the help of Linn Area Credit Union.

“Having a construction firm is very difficult. There’s a lot of sides to it. There’s always bumps in the road, but when it comes to the financial aspect of it, it’s always a piece of cake. If we have any questions or issues, we just go right to Linn Area and there’s somebody there to help us work through it. So there’s no stress on that part of the business.”

Mmmm, cake!!!

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MyMoola Contest Winner!  by Tara



A big, HUGE congratulations to Stephanie! She was the lucky duck who won the $250 gift card in our MyMoola contest. When asked how she planned to spend the money, Stephanie said that she was going to put it towards bills. Ahhh, we are so proud!

If you haven’t checked out MyMoola yet, you should really get on that! It’s 100% FREE and super easy to use! For the scoop (and how-to videos!) on this awesome service, go to

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TV Star: Jayden  by Tara


We are so excited to introduce you to one of our most inspirational TV Stars, Jayden {a.k.a. Mr. Wheels}!

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Holidays: Merry, Jolly, & Doggone EXPENSIVE!  by Tara


Christmas savings piggyGive us a fuzzy red suit and call us Santa ’cause MyMoola is going to be quite the gift for your bank account this holiday season! No thank you note will be necessary.

Throughout the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, sometimes we give and give and give and, well, GIVE. You are just so thoughtful! MyMoola is the perfect tool to make sure your “giving” stays in check. (Not using MyMoola yet? Just go into eBranch and click on the MyMoola tab to get started!)

Here is a simple two step process to make your own Christmas miracle happen:

1) Use the tagging feature to label any holiday purchase accordingly (“Gift”, “For the Rugrats”, “Christmas”, whatever you want!). Don’t forget that you can now use split tagging to add as many tags as you want, so continue keep track of the Groceries, Clothes, etc. in your purchase, too!


2) Set up a Spending Target (a.k.a. budget) using the tag you decided on above. This will allow you to see at a glance how much you’ve spent on the holidays!


VIDEO: See tagging in action here (don’t forget to check out the video on how to set up a budget, too!):

Tell us below: How do you budget for Christmas spending???

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Design on a Dime (literally)  by Tara


Not only do we have the BEST members in the world, but some of the most CREATIVE! We caught wind that one of our Linn Area Credit Union family members had created something so full awesome that we just HAD to feature her! We’d like to introduce you to Brenda and her fabulous penny table!

2What inspired you to make a penny table?
Well, I have wanted to make one for the last two years.  I saw a photo about people tiling a floor with pennies.  Plus, I love doing unique projects.

How long did it take you?
I started on a Friday afternoon and the resin was fully cured by the following Wednesday.

What was the process like?5
First, I had to sand down my dining room table. I wasn’t able to get it out the door, so I had to take it apart.  Once it was sanded, I started locating pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  I went to local home improvement stores to get most of my supplies (wood glue, black un-sanded grout, high gloss resin, tools, buckets, etc.).  Friday afternoon, we worked on getting everything where we wanted it.  I had a plan to use contact paper to help lay the coins on the table was I brushed the glue on.  Well, that was a disaster! The coins were just too heavy.  So I stayed up until 4AM on Saturday hand gluing everything.  It was a lot of work, but well worth it.  Once it was all glued, I started to use the un-sanded grout.  Once it was dry on Sunday I was able to pour the resin.  This was a very tricky 8process.  You have to make sure you mix it with the exact measurements.  If you don’t, it won’t pour or dry evenly.  Once poured, we had to use a hand torch to get the air bubbles out.  Then I was on an 8 hour watch for air bubbles, dust, flies, etc.  I had to make sure nothing got stuck in the resin.

Who helped you create this masterpiece?6
My niece Sydney and nephew Billy.  I also had some help creating the design from my daughter, Zoe.  And my friend, Matt, helped with the resin pour.

How much money in coins is on the table total?
It’s around $50 total.  I know that we used a roll of quarters, about 2 rolls of dimes and nickels each, and the rest in pennies.  It’s hard to tell the exact number.  I’m sure one day I will figure it out.  I had to cut some pennies, so I couldn’t be too sure.

7How did Linn Area Credit Union help you with this project?Well, I had to make about 3-4 stops at the credit union.  I had gotten a few rolls at a time.  When, we planned the design in the middle of the table, I needed new, shiny pennies.  On the rest of the table I wanted a mixture of new and old.  So I had to call around to all the LACU locations to get the right amount.  Everyone was so helpful!  They were extremely patient.

What are you doing with the table now?
Well, it is in the dining room.  It is used every day.  My daughter and I have already used it for meals and we also play board games.

What has been the reaction of your friends and family to the table?9
Well, my daughter has already gotten distracted while looking at all the different coins. Haha!  Most of the quarters were placed face down, so she searches for all the states.  Her favorite is Iowa.  I have posted this on Facebook, and sent emails to family and friends.  Everyone has been so excited and said it was a really cool idea.  I have even had some people asking to do the same to their tables.

How long have you been a part of our Linn Area Credit Union family?
It’s been about 5 years, maybe more.

10Anything else you would like to add??
This project would be nothing if it hadn’t been for the help of the following: Zoe Cronin, Jon Cronin, Sydney Adams, Billy Adams, Matthew Wolrab, and, of course, Linn Area Credit Union.  Thank you all!


Is there a cool project that somehow, someway Linn Area Credit Union has helped you conquer??? Shoot us an email at Maybe you’ll get featured in our Bloggity Blog, just like our friend Brenda!

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TV Star: Katherine  by Tara


We are tickled pink to share with you our newest commercial featuring Katherine, a student at the University of Iowa. We think her story will resonate with many of you out there!

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Join our Loved & Found program!  by Tara


Loved and Found on stuffed animalsNever worry about losing a cherished item again thanks to Linn Area Credit Union’s Loved & Found program! Simply add one of our FREE Loved & Found tags to anything you wouldn’t want to lose.

Perfect for your kiddo’s stuffed animals, backpacks, purses, diaper bags, suitcases, briefcases, iPad cases, phones, yadda yadda! Not to be used ON children. Or dogs. (You get the idea!) Click here to sign up now!

How It Works
You take your family to enjoy a large outdoor event. Of course, your child insists on bringing along his favorite stuffed monkey. In the shuffle of things, the monkey gets dropped. How will it ever get returned to your little one???

Fear not. You are part of Linn Area Credit Union’s Loved & Found program and attached one of our FREE tags to your son’s bestie. Now for our story to have a happy ending…

A couple, who also attended the event, noticed the stuffed monkey laying on the sidewalk. They see that the beloved monkey is wearing a Loved & Found tag, which tells them to contact Linn Area Credit Union. As soon as we receive word that an item has been found, we send an email out to our registered Loved & Found members alerting them that an item has been found. You see the email, simply give us a buzz, describe the missing item, and – tah dahhh – time to reunite your child with their bestie! All is right in the world again.

How to Get Your Tag
As a registered Loved & Found member, you will received quarterly emails from Linn Area Credit Union as well as alerts when we find lost items. To register for your FREE Loved & Found Tags, just fill out the quick form below and then pick up the tags from the branch you indicated. Easy peasy!

Inspired by Kathy
Our Loved & Found program was inspired by a little stuffed monkey. Kathy the monkey was found at Balloon Glow, an event with 17,000 people in attendance. Through the use of social media, Linn Area Credit Union was able to reunite Kathy with her bestie, a three year old named Eli. This program has been put into place to help make sure that no other besties get separated.

The Nitty Gritty
Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Loved & Found tags:

  • FREE (pretty decent perk!)
  • Your contact information will remain safe since it is Linn Area Credit Union’s info printed on the tags
  • Measures 1.875” x 1.875″ soft, flexible square (still perfect for snuggling)
  • Plastic strap is included with the tag, but you are welcome to switch it out
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • BPA & phthalate free, Non-Toxic Soft Vinyl that is compliant with State & Federal safety regulations, CPSIA, & Prop 65 (whew – that was a mouthful!)

Click here to sign up now or stop by any of our walk-in locations!

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Monkey Business: A video tribute  by Tara


If you’ve been on Facebook at any point in the last week, you have probably heard about the {now famous} monkey found at Balloon Glow. Linn Area Credit Union has been determined to find this Monkey’s bestie! Thanks to the power of social media, Monkey is being reunited with his bestie TODAY! We will give you the full story after it happens, but – for now – here is Linn Area’s special tribute to this special little monkey:

Step by Step: Updating your eBranch security  by Tara


Hey eBranch users – yeah, we’re looking at you! (And you look fab, by the way!)

At Linn Area Credit Union, we are always looking for more powerful ways to secure your online data. As an additional security precaution, we just enhanced our eBranch authentication process. (Don’t feel like reading and want someone to just show you? No worries – we made a video. Click here or scroll down!)

This means that the first time you log in after May 30, 2013, you will be prompted to do the following two things:

  1. Select new security questions
  2. Choose a Security Phrase – The Security Phrase is a memorable phrase that YOU choose and will be completely visible on the Security Code page to verify that you are not on a phishing site. Make sure when you choose this phrase you do not use any sensitive information (account number, Security Code, or social security number). You know the image that used to pop up right before you got into your account? Well this phrase will REPLACE that image. I sure will miss looking at that soccer ball… we were tight.

There has been some confusion as to the difference between a Security CODE and a Security PHRASE, so let’s get that cleared up! Your Security Code is what most of us call our password; your Security Phrase is to verify the authenticity of the website (we don’t want you do be putting your info into a fake site!) and will be displayed in full each time you log into your account.

I made a quick video to walk you through the process – hope it helps!

Now wasn’t that fun??? As always, if you have any questions, we are happy to help! Please send us an email at or call 378-0101.

Nom the Mom 2013  by Tara


Nom the Mom Email and blog image

She wiped your drippy nose. She was at every soccer game, rain or sunshine. She has inspired you with her quiet (or not so quiet) confidence. She even has eyes in the back of her head. Now it’s time to celebrate her awesomeness!

For the third year in a row (has it already been that many??), we are honored to provide a relaxing pampering experience to one knock-your-socks-off Mom.

The Pampering Prize Package (value of $250):

A Stress-Fix Full Body Massage at City Looks Salon & Spa, a beautiful basket full of Stress-Fix Aveda products, and a $75 Visa Gift Card to spend on a lovely dinner out on the town.

To nominate that super-spectacular mom in your life (your mom, wife, sister, grandma, friend, co-worker, etc.) just fill out the form here. Be sure to include a picture of the lovely lady you are gushing about!

All entries are due by midnight on Monday, April 29th. On Thursday, May 2nd the top 3 submissions (as selected by Linn Area Credit Union) will be announced. Area residents will then be able to begin voting immediately. The mom who receives the most votes will win the Pampering Prize Package. Voting will end at midnight on Thursday, May 9th. The winning Mom will be announced on Friday, May 10th.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to Nom YOUR Mom!

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