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Win $250 for using MyMoola in February!  by Tara



Chew on this: You could win $250 just for using MyMoola in the month of February!

Whether you are brand spankin’ new to our fabulously FREE online money manager or you’ve been using it for months, do one of the following in February and you will be automatically entered to win $250:

  • Create a budget (click here for the video)
  • Set up a loan pay-off or savings goal (see the video here)
  • Add an external account (yep, we’ve got a video for that, too!)

Easy peasy rice and cheesy! The $250 winner will be announced the week of March 17th.

We have 9 videos and TONS of info at for you to check out!


This contest is open to all members and non-members of Linn Area Credit Union who are 16 years of age or older at the time of entry and are residents of the United States. No purchase necessary. The contest is not open to employees of Linn Area Credit Union or their immediate families.

To be automatically entered, you must do one of the following in MyMoola in the month of February: 1) Create a budget, 2) Set up a loan pay-off goal or savings goal, or 3) Add an external account. Entries can be mailed to: Linn Area Credit Union, 3015 Blairs Ferry Road, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52402.

Winner Selection
One (1) winner will be selected randomly and contacted immediately during the week of March 17th.

Bill Pay vs. Internet Explorer  by Tara


We’ve learned that recently some members have experienced problems with adding a new Company or Person to pay within our Bill Payer. Your friends at Linn Area Credit Union are here to help!

Why is this happening?
As technology advances, new versions come out (which is why we have 5s worth of iPhones!) and it takes a little time for other systems to adjust to the changes. Right now, Internet Explorer is introducing version 11. If you are on automatic updates, you might not even know that you’ve been upgraded to this latest and greatest version. Everything in eBranch is completely normal and Bill Payer works just dandy (though the formatting might look just slightly off to the regular user). The ONLY problem appears when you go to add a new Company or Person (an action that likely doesn’t happen all that often for our average member).

What happens if I try to add a new Company or Person?
Nothing – literally. When you click to add a Company or Person, your screen will freeze up and eventually you will see a message similar to this:


So how do I fix this?!?!
You have 3 options to choose from:

  1. Downgrade your Internet Explorer version back to version 10 or 9. (This is the most complicated option – so keep reading if it’s not appealing to you!)
  2. Use a different internet browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox. (Easy peasy!)
  3. Use our IT department’s fancy-schmacy work around: When you are logged into the Bill Pay program, simply hit the F12 key. This will pop up a box called “Emulation”. The only thing you need to do is change the “User agent string” to Internet Explorer 10 or Internet Explorer 9.


Essentially, you are just tricking Bill Payer into thinking you’re using an older browser – pretty cool, right??) IMPORTANT: You have to keep this box open in order for the Bill Payer site to fully add the new Company or Person. If you hit close, then Bill Payer will go back to not working. Do note that this isn’t a one time switch; if you choose this option, anytime you go to add a new Company or Person to pay, you’ll have to hit F12 (at least until Bill Payer catches up with this new version of Internet Explorer – hopefully yet this year).

If you need further assistance, please give us a jingle at 378-0101 or email

TV Star: Kelly  by Tara


Our fabulously talented member, Kelly, has been gracing your TVs for the last month.

“Linn Area has been there for every milestone. From our marriage, to the birth of our kids, to our first house – they’ve always been there!”

And we always will be, Kelly! Thank you for being part of our family AND for starring in our latest commercial!


2014 Warren A. Morrow Scholarship  by Tara


Warren AIf you are a high school senior, currently in college or continuing your education – this is your chance to snag one of six Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarships! These scholarships are made possible by the good people at Iowa Credit Unions through the Iowa Credit Union Foundation. Here is one important piece of info upfront: Applications are due on Friday, February 7th, 2014, so there’s little room for procrastination (What? Who does that?!?).

There are two different scholarship programs are available:

1. High School Scholarship – Scholarships for high school seniors with a projected graduation date of 2014. The high school scholarships include a first-place prize of $1,500; second place of $1,000; third place of $750 and fourth place of $500. Click here to apply for the high school senior scholarship.

2. Post-High School Scholarship – Scholarships for post-high school, continuing education students and current college students. The post-high school scholarship category includes two $1,000 scholarships. Click here to apply for the post-high school scholarship.

Make sure to read all of the scholarship guidelines and follow the application process (go here for more info). It is very important to note that you must be a credit union member in good standing to be considered. Each applicant is required to answer the following question in no more than 500 words. Essay questions are designed to encourage learning about the credit union movement and its mission.

2014 Warren A. Morrow Memorial Scholarship Essay Question:

Financial literacy is now part of Iowa’s Department of Education’s core curriculum.

What are the most important aspects of money management that should be taught when it comes to savings, checking, borrowing or investing for the long term? How can credit unions help you and others with financial education? How might someone utilize their credit union to focus on saving?

Ready to do this? Of course, you are! These scholarships are going to go to six people – one of them might as well be you! Click here for more information and to fill out the application!

Our Little Science Experiment  by Tara


With the record cold keeping the kids home from school and everyone else shivering to their core, we thought this would be the perfect time for a little science experiment! After seeing videos circulating the Web showcasing people throwing hot water into the air to create snow or a steamy mist, we just HAD to try it for ourselves:

Have you done this yet?? Make sure you stand the opposite way of the wind, or else you just might end up like a coach following a winning football game. ;) How are you keeping busy during these super, ridiculously cold days?

Holidays: Merry, Jolly, & Doggone EXPENSIVE!  by Tara


Christmas savings piggyGive us a fuzzy red suit and call us Santa ’cause MyMoola is going to be quite the gift for your bank account this holiday season! No thank you note will be necessary.

Throughout the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, sometimes we give and give and give and, well, GIVE. You are just so thoughtful! MyMoola is the perfect tool to make sure your “giving” stays in check. (Not using MyMoola yet? Just go into eBranch and click on the MyMoola tab to get started!)

Here is a simple two step process to make your own Christmas miracle happen:

1) Use the tagging feature to label any holiday purchase accordingly (“Gift”, “For the Rugrats”, “Christmas”, whatever you want!). Don’t forget that you can now use split tagging to add as many tags as you want, so continue keep track of the Groceries, Clothes, etc. in your purchase, too!


2) Set up a Spending Target (a.k.a. budget) using the tag you decided on above. This will allow you to see at a glance how much you’ve spent on the holidays!


VIDEO: See tagging in action here (don’t forget to check out the video on how to set up a budget, too!):

Tell us below: How do you budget for Christmas spending???

MyMoola: Dashboard  by Tara


We are beyond excited to introduce the newest addition to our suite (or should we say “SWEET!”) of products and services… MyMoola!!!

Many of our members have asked for a personal financial management system, similar to We heard you loud and clear! Our answer is this colorful, user-friendly site that is completely integrated with the eBranch you know and love. All of your Linn Area accounts will automatically be added in, but then you can add ANY of your financial accounts. When we say ANY, we mean it. So if you have an account at another credit union or, say, a big bank, you can still add it to MyMoola. You can add credit cards of any kind (even store ones!), retirement funds, loans, and even 529s! Using MyMoola will help you save time, achieve your goals, track spending, and, overall, manage all your bling.

In this video, you’ll get a quick tour of the Dashboard (as they say on HGTV, “Where the magic happens!”), teach you how to add accounts, and how to edit your existing accounts:

We want to know: Have you tried out MyMoola yet?!?! What’s your favorite feature?

Design on a Dime (literally)  by Tara


Not only do we have the BEST members in the world, but some of the most CREATIVE! We caught wind that one of our Linn Area Credit Union family members had created something so full awesome that we just HAD to feature her! We’d like to introduce you to Brenda and her fabulous penny table!

2What inspired you to make a penny table?
Well, I have wanted to make one for the last two years.  I saw a photo about people tiling a floor with pennies.  Plus, I love doing unique projects.

How long did it take you?
I started on a Friday afternoon and the resin was fully cured by the following Wednesday.

What was the process like?5
First, I had to sand down my dining room table. I wasn’t able to get it out the door, so I had to take it apart.  Once it was sanded, I started locating pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters.  I went to local home improvement stores to get most of my supplies (wood glue, black un-sanded grout, high gloss resin, tools, buckets, etc.).  Friday afternoon, we worked on getting everything where we wanted it.  I had a plan to use contact paper to help lay the coins on the table was I brushed the glue on.  Well, that was a disaster! The coins were just too heavy.  So I stayed up until 4AM on Saturday hand gluing everything.  It was a lot of work, but well worth it.  Once it was all glued, I started to use the un-sanded grout.  Once it was dry on Sunday I was able to pour the resin.  This was a very tricky 8process.  You have to make sure you mix it with the exact measurements.  If you don’t, it won’t pour or dry evenly.  Once poured, we had to use a hand torch to get the air bubbles out.  Then I was on an 8 hour watch for air bubbles, dust, flies, etc.  I had to make sure nothing got stuck in the resin.

Who helped you create this masterpiece?6
My niece Sydney and nephew Billy.  I also had some help creating the design from my daughter, Zoe.  And my friend, Matt, helped with the resin pour.

How much money in coins is on the table total?
It’s around $50 total.  I know that we used a roll of quarters, about 2 rolls of dimes and nickels each, and the rest in pennies.  It’s hard to tell the exact number.  I’m sure one day I will figure it out.  I had to cut some pennies, so I couldn’t be too sure.

7How did Linn Area Credit Union help you with this project?Well, I had to make about 3-4 stops at the credit union.  I had gotten a few rolls at a time.  When, we planned the design in the middle of the table, I needed new, shiny pennies.  On the rest of the table I wanted a mixture of new and old.  So I had to call around to all the LACU locations to get the right amount.  Everyone was so helpful!  They were extremely patient.

What are you doing with the table now?
Well, it is in the dining room.  It is used every day.  My daughter and I have already used it for meals and we also play board games.

What has been the reaction of your friends and family to the table?9
Well, my daughter has already gotten distracted while looking at all the different coins. Haha!  Most of the quarters were placed face down, so she searches for all the states.  Her favorite is Iowa.  I have posted this on Facebook, and sent emails to family and friends.  Everyone has been so excited and said it was a really cool idea.  I have even had some people asking to do the same to their tables.

How long have you been a part of our Linn Area Credit Union family?
It’s been about 5 years, maybe more.

10Anything else you would like to add??
This project would be nothing if it hadn’t been for the help of the following: Zoe Cronin, Jon Cronin, Sydney Adams, Billy Adams, Matthew Wolrab, and, of course, Linn Area Credit Union.  Thank you all!


Is there a cool project that somehow, someway Linn Area Credit Union has helped you conquer??? Shoot us an email at Maybe you’ll get featured in our Bloggity Blog, just like our friend Brenda!

TV Star: Kyanna  by Tara


Meet Kyanna and sassy little Braelin – our newest TV Stars!

“I’m a mom, I’m a career woman, and I bank at Linn Area Credit Union because they know my time is valuable! I grew up in a small town and I wanted the same experience of going to the bank for my daughter that I had. When we bring Braelin’s piggy bank into the credit union, they always ask her what she’s saving her money for and they make her feel special.”


Women Build Project 2013  by Tara


For the second year, Linn Area Credit Union helped support Habitat for Humanity’s Women Build Project. This program challenges women to devote at least one day to the effort to eliminate poverty housing. Eleven of our LACU family members were a part of this day and we also provided lunch for the whole crew. Laura from our Mt. Vernon Road office was kind enough to share her experience with all of you guys! Take it away, Laura!

photo Women Build 2013It was a beautiful day to build a house. On Saturday, September 14th a group of Linn Area women gathered to participate in the Women Build Day for Habitat for Humanity.  

I was lucky enough to have the privilege to work side by side with not only these ladies but with Kyle, the soon to be homeowner, and many others from Habitat for Humanity. Kyle is a single mom with two children who has worked on multiple Habitat homes and when the time was right she decided to apply for her own Habitat for Humanity home. Once an applicant is approved for the home, the work begins right away for the new homeowner. Homeowners are required to put “sweat equity” (build time) into their house and today was one of those days.  

While Kyle has a lot of experience building, this was my first time working on a Habitat home. I was feeling a bit photo 123anervous about what I would be doing especially when I heard that our group would be siding the outside of the house and rough framing inside. When I arrived, the buzz of saws and pounding of hammers filled the air. I wasn’t sure where to start or what to do but quickly found a spot to help. My first task was to hold boards while Kelsi, one of my fellow Linn Area teammates, sawed them for the staircase. I was good with holding the boards. Quite frankly the large circular saw scared me a bit and I wasn’t feeling the need to visit an Urgent Care that day.  

photo 109After we got the boards ready my teammates Jeni and Bobbie placed them on the stringers for the staircase. As I watched them, I knew that the stairs had to be just right. The carpet would need to lay smoothly over each one. Details that I had never really thought about, but now realized the importance of because one day soon a family would make many trips up and down those stairs.  

I then made my way outside to join the large group of ladies who were starting to putphoto 124 siding up. Let me tell you, you can’t just throw that stuff up there and – boom – it’s done. There’s measuring, cutting, “where are the studs”, how do we get around the utility meter, and that’s all before we even put one piece up! One of the Habitat team members came over and asked Bonnie and I to cut a piece of siding to go under the window at the back of the house. Yes, we could do this! We measured twice and cut once, crossed our fingers and started to put it up.  

Did I mention that this was a split level house and the window we were doing this for was not on the lower level?  

Needless to say, we did a heck of a job and got it up there on the first try.  

As the day came to a close there was a sense of accomplishment, empowerment, and joy. Laughter was shared and deeper friendships were developed through this experience. This wasn’t just about building a house. It was bringing the dream of home ownership to reality for a family, and in the process a special place for the Habitat for Humanity project was built in my heart 100

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