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Meet Tara, one of Linn Area Credit Union’s marketing gurus. Best known for her social media skills and passion for InDesign, Tara is challenged on a weekly basis to keep the plant alive at her desk. Still new to the credit union biz, Tara looks forward to sharing with YOU all the fabulous things she’s learning.

Meet Nick. Often heralded as the “Rising Star” at Linn Area Credit Union, Nick possesses a unique ability to build relationships quickly with our members. When he’s not eating, sleeping and dreaming of Linn Area, Nick can be found on the golf course or doing Insanity with “Team Awesome.”

Meet Mallory. Like a ninja, you never quite know which branch or department you’ll see Mallory pop up in (she’s actually a floater at LACU). A self labeled “nerd”, Mallory is a closet gamer (you know you love “Words With Friends”, too!) and is extremely passionate about all things Harry Potter. Mallory also has an addiction to jumping out of planes. Don’t get on her bad side or she’ll show you her wicked roundhouse kick.

Meet Matt. Matt is a Jack of all trades at Linn Area Credit Union. “If you got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it – check out this hook while the DJ revolves it” should be his mantra. Seriously. Check out his path at LACU: started as a floater, moved to a mortgage processor and now is our compliance officer! The guy has risen through the ranks faster than chocolate melts in your hand. Besides having widespread knowledge, his sense of humor is off the hook. Matt’s spare time can be summed up in four words: Epic Disc Golf Skills.

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