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Meet Jan. Storytelling is her superpower — that, and flying in her dreams! She’s still getting her toes wet as a marketing specialist at Linn Area, but she’d done a few laps around the pool in her time. Jan has an intense love of her family, including Zeke, their adopted shelter dog. Her past includes marketing and communications for a local humane society, as well as making TV commercials. Jan is always up for a challenge! (Let’s do this thing!)

Meet Nick. Often heralded as the “Rising Star” at Linn Area Credit Union, Nick possesses a unique ability to build relationships quickly with our members. He has been with Linn Area for nine years and is currently doing consumer lending and originating mortgages. When he’s not eating, sleeping and dreaming of Linn Area, Nick can be found at the gym, watching the Hawks, and spending time with his wonderful family.

Meet Matt. Matt is a Jack of all trades at Linn Area Credit Union. “If you got a problem, yo, I’ll solve it — check out this hook while the DJ revolves it” should be his mantra. Seriously. Check out his path at LACU: started as a floater, moved to a mortgage processor and now is our compliance officer! The guy has risen through the ranks faster than chocolate melts in your hand. Besides having widespread knowledge, his sense of humor is off the hook.

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