Business Checking Account Types

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Designed with the needs of your business in mind.

We offer three hard-working business checking accounts! Whether you’re living the dream in a C-suite, running a second-generation company, or holding the purse strings of the neighborhood quilt club (hey, you could be doing all three!), we have a checking account that will fit you to a T. Your money will earn dividends as long as your average daily balance remains over $2,500.

Our business account fees are competitively low. (Woot!) Plus, you’ll have to play by these rules, too, regardless of whether you’re managing funds for a business or yourself personally,

Sooooo, are you ready? Let’s scope out the business accounts and find the one that matches your needs!

Business Driver Checking

The account for large companies that have a high volume of transactions and deposits. We give you extra flexibility when it comes to transaction volume, as well as higher dividends! Dividends are earned on a tiered structure based on your average daily balance.

Family Business Checking

The account designed for small businesses that have minimal check writing, deposit, and withdrawal needs. This account has a very low monthly fee and earns dividends on balances when you maintain an average daily balance of $2,500 or more.

Beyond Business Checking (Nonprofit)

Looking beyond business, this free account is for nonprofit organizations, smaller clubs, and organizations with limited monthly check writing, deposit, and withdrawal needs. The account earns dividends on balances, as long as you maintain an average daily balance of $2,500 or more.

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