Business Credit Cards

Female small business owner on phone holding credit card

Choose the credit card that’s right for your business!

Whether you’re growing the coffee shop business of your dreams or running a third-generation manufacturing company, we’ve got a great, low-rate credit card for you! Our business credit cards let you separate your business expenses from your personal expenses. (That’s a huge benefit!) Plus, if it makes sense for your business, you can designate several trusted employees as cardholders, each with their own purchasing limit.

To qualify for a Linn Area Credit Union business credit card, your business must have been up and running for at least two years.

If you’re already a Linn Area Credit Union member, you can skip right to the good part: Deciding which credit card is right for you and putting in your application.

If you’re not a Linn Area member, we’ll have to open up a business account first! (No biggie!)

Would you like a little help from one of our commercial loan specialists? To set up a personal consultation, contact us at (319) 892-7300.

Let's walk through the application process. First things first. Your business must be at least two years old for it to qualify for a Linn Area Credit Union business credit card. (Is your business at least a toddler? Excellent!) Plus,…
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