Business Savings

Bookstore owners standing in front of their bookshelves

Five dollars opens the door.

When you look for a financial partner for your business, you probably aren’t thinking about opening a basic savings account… so we won’t spend a lot of time here. Basically (there’s that word again!), in order to have a checking account (or any other account) at Linn Area Credit Union, your business will need to keep at least $5 in a basic savings account, which gives you an owner’s share in the credit union. (That’s the way credit unions work.)

Savvy business mogul that you are, we’re pretty sure you’re looking for a financial partner that can help you with your checking account, money market account, and business services, like ACH originations and merchant processing. (You know, the works!)

So let’s just put it out there: We can do ALL that!

Let’s get started by taking a look at what you need to open an account.

Business Checking

We have three different checking accounts, each tailored to fit different needs. Check ‘em out!

Business Services

When we say we’re full-service, we mean it! We offer coin and currency services, ACH originations, merchant processing, and more… all to help your business run efficiently.

Business Health Savings Accounts

Find out how offering Health Savings Accounts to your employees might help the bottom line.

Business Money Market Account

Your business benefits from tiered interest and liquid assets. (We like those phrases!)

We can help you make it work! We’ve got the funds and know-how to help you turn your business into everything you’ve been dreaming about! (Unless you’ve been dreaming about Heidi Klum. We can’t turn your business into Heidi Klum.)…
Let's walk through the application process. First things first. Your business must be at least two years old for it to qualify for a Linn Area Credit Union business credit card. (Is your business at least a toddler? Excellent!) Plus,…