Business Services

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Save money on the financial services your business needs.

Success isn’t something you trip and fall into… it’s the result of everyday efforts that add up to something amazing! We’d love to support your success on a daily basis. (Think of us as your super-responsible friend… the one you can always count on when you have a flat tire.) We offer services and tools to make your business flow smoothly, plus our business account fees are competitively low.

Coin and Currency Services

Use Linn Area Credit Union for the cash and coin your business has coming in and going out on a day-to-day basis.

ACH Originations

Use ACH to quickly and securely send or receive money to or from other financial institutions or vendors. You can also use ACH to pay your employees electronically. (Pretty darn convenient!)

Merchant Processing

To be competitive, you’ll want to accept credit and debit card payments from your customers. We make this possible!

Online Banking

Monitor daily activity on your account with our free online banking service. Use it to make transfers, set up account alerts, view past statements and more. You can download your information into Quicken or Microsoft Money.

Bill Payer

Bill Payer is a convenient feature of our free online banking service. Pay all of your bills quickly, efficiently and on time, without the hassle of postage or paperwork. You can even schedule payments so you don’t have to think about them each month. (Booyah!)

Mobile Banking

Our suh-weet mobile banking app lets you view balances, make transfers, pay bills, and deposit checks using your mobile device. You can also set up account alerts that will go right to your phone!

Wire Transfers

Wire funds almost anywhere domestically or internationally.

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