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Contest: You have goals. Let’s reach them.

Everyone has goals: taking a dream vacation, renovating your home, paying off student loans, buying a new car or house, saving for retirement, sending your kids to college - we could go on and on!…
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Meet Deb

Deb has been with us for over 26 years. Today is her 29th birthday *wink wink* and the sweetest thing ever just happened: a member called in simply to sing HER happy birthday! ? Happy…
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Become our next TV Star!

We just have to let you in on a little secret… we are going to start filming new TV spots soon and want to feature some of our raving Linn Area fans! Before we can…
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Teacher Appreciation Winner: Shawn

Here's to Shawn Thomsen, teacher at Kennedy High School! A well-deserved $50 gift card to Granite City is coming your way. {Stop by tomorrow to see our last winner!}
Student with teacher quote

Teacher Appreciation Winner: Cindy

Cindy West from Jefferson High School is walking away with a $50 gift card to Granite City! You are amazing! {Who will be next? Come stop back tomorrow to find out!}
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Nom the Mom 2015: Meet the Finalists

Every family has traditions that they hold dear. One of ours at Linn Area Credit Union is our contest that seeks out truly spectacular moms. And - hold your hats - this is our FIFTH…
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Contest: Nom the Mom 2015

She wiped your drippy nose. She was at every soccer game, rain or sunshine. She has inspired you with her quiet (or not so quiet) confidence. She even has eyes in the back of her…
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CONTEST: Throwback for $50!

As our construction projects at Linn Area Credit Union begin to wrap up, we've become a wee bit nostalgic. While we've grown and expanded, so have all of you! Linn Area Credit Union wants to see how your family has blossomed over…