Congrats to Ms. Rasmussen!

Five elementary students of different ethnic backgrounds

Last month for Teacher Appreciation Week, Linn Area Credit Union sponsored a celebration for teachers at the Teacher Store. Shoppers had the opportunity to sign up to win a party for their classroom or school. This year’s lucky winner was Becky Rasmussen, a special education teacher from Kenwood Elementary!

Linn Area lets the winning teacher choose what type of party to have. In the past, we’ve provided ice cream parties and popsicles for the whole school, but Ms. Rasmussen went a different route. This morning, fourteen kids loaded the bus from Kenwood and were shuttled to one of the most fun places in Cedar Rapids – the PlayStation!

I had the pleasure of joining our Business Development Manager, Lori Vana, to visit this rocking party and, boy, did it ever look like these kids were having fun! Excitement was in the air as the kids agilely navigated the enormous indoor jungle gym. My favorite part? The ball pit. Some kids were taking turns covering each other up. Other kids turned their focus to sailing down one of the many fun and squiggly slides.

We left as lunch was served. These kiddos were dining on some tasty chips and chicken nuggets with a dash of pop to wash it all down. Everyone looked like they were having a blast, including Ms. Rasmussen who wasn’t shy about crawling around the jungle gym with the kids.

A big congratulations to Ms. Rasmussen! We know that teachers have a tough job, so we truly appreciate all that you do! Thanks for letting us be part of your fun party!

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