Drum roll, please….

Woman happy to see new LInn Area site on laptop

We’re excited to announce that we are launching the new www.linnareacu.org on November 1! (That’s right, folks! Right here, right now… November 1, 2016!)

In May 2016, we emailed you a survey asking for your opinion on the eServices we provide — from our mobile banking app to our website. We were totally amped up about the responses and couldn’t wait to put some of your suggestions into action.

So, let’s take a tour of some of the changes you’ll see!

One of the most-noted shortcomings of the website was that it wasn’t responsive when being accessed on a mobile device. (No surprise there – there’s been bucketloads of technological progress since the site’s previous remake in 2010!) Well, now our website automatically changes the layout so it’s waaaaay easier to view on palm-sized screens. We love how our new website looks and functions on mobile devices. At the risk of gushing, I can tell you it’s awesome: clean, smooth, and easy-to-use.

As long as we’re talking about easy-to-use, let’s talk navigation. We have indeed improved it. Now you can see how to get to pages two to three levels deep on the main menu without even clicking. (Say it with me: We love the hover.)

Another thing you wanted was the ability to log in to your online banking account from wherever you were on the site. Looking at an auto loan? You want to be able to log in to online banking. Checking out CDs? You want to log in to online banking. And now, you can! The online banking login is locked in place on whatever page you visit, so you never have to send out a search party to find it. (Go ahead and shout it out! It makes us happy, too!)

And speaking of easy access, you wanted to be able to find our rate info and our-ever-so-popular calculators without having to poke around like Pooh Bear looking for hunny. Well, our rates tab is now locked up with the online banking login. (Boom!) Our most commonly used calculators – the auto loan, savings, and retirement planner calculators – all live right on the home page, and the rest of the calculators are just one click away.

Our routing/transit number is also right out there in the open, at the bottom of every page.

Overall, it’s a cleaner, integrated, more modern website that offers you – our fabulous members! – a much better online experience. And, since the changes are based on your survey feedback, we’re pretty sure you’re going to love it!