Finally – the TRUTH about rewards!

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One thing that I love so much about working at Linn Area is that I wholeheartedly believe we won’t try to sell you guys products or services that we ourselves don’t believe in. Here’s what I mean:

In one of our Thursday morning meetings, the trainer asked us to compare our credit cards to offers we’ve received in the mail. I was seriously blown away. There was not even one section where any other card beat any of ours! I was so inspired that I even created a comparison sheet for our employees to hand out/share with members (email me at if you’d like one!).

Sure, our APRs are pretty awesome and you can’t beat our low fees (see for yourself here), but what about this “amazing” rewards card everyone has been raving about? I’ve looked into other rewards cards before and haven’t really been impressed with what I’ve found. (Yes, I can be extremely cynical!)

I needed to get to the bottom of this. I needed the truth.

So I decided to go straight to the source – the LACU employees who encourage members to open these Rewards Cards. I asked around to find people who actually had the card themselves and what sorts of things they redeemed their points for.  This is what they had to say:

  • “The first time I used my rewards points was to buy a pack n play for my granddaughter. Now she has a place to sleep when she is at my house. The second time, I used my points for a Canon Power Shot camera.  It is so easy to do and I received the merchandise in 3 days. Awesome! I love the card because earning the points gives me opportunity to buy things for my kids or myself. It is so fun!  Who doesn’t want to buy merchandise that cost nothing out of your pocket.” Pam, in Finance (who actually processes all our credit cards – so she knows better than anyone what cards get the BEST deals!)
  • “I cashed in points to book a hotel in Orlando, Florida to take my boys to Disney World!  The process was very slick!  I went online, reviewed the hotel options, chose which one I wanted (right on Disney property) and booked three nights.  I was just a few points short of making three full nights, so it automatically calculated what I owed in cash and I was able to pay the rest right then when I booked it as well.  So, I got three nights in Orlando, on Disney property, for around $20 cash!  I love earning points and then treating my family to something fun, free!” Joannie, our Senior Vice President of Member Services
  • “I’ve always gotten the cash back on my card. I love my rewards card, because I pay it off every month, so the cash back on the card is like FREE money!” Tiffani,  from our Marion branch
  • “At, my total rewards points were listed and all I had to do was click on them which took me to the redemption website.  From there, I chose “account credit” to turn those points into a monetary value that I could put towards my current balance.  It claimed it could take up to 45 days for it to get credited, and it only took about half that time.” Val, from our Edgewood branch
  • “I have a Linn Area Platinum Rewards Visa card and I love it!  I use my credit card for all my purchases so it doesn’t take long to really rack up the points.  When I first got my card, Linn Area was having a double points promotion so they added up especially fast during the first months I had my card.  Before I knew it, I had enough points to pay for a cruise for my husband and I.  Redeeming the points was quick and easy using the credit union’s web site.  I simply logged in and chose the option to redeem points for cash and it was credited to my card.  Since I had charged the cruise on my card, the cash value for the points credited back to the card paid for our cruise.  It was that easy!” Jenny, our Executive Vice President
  • “I love my rewards card – I can use it most everywhere I go.  I let my rewards card points build up for a few months and then cashed them in to make a $100 payment on my card!  The payment was due in December and, with the holidays right around the corner, it was fantastic to have a little extra money in my pocket.” Jeni, our Internal Auditor

So there you have it, just a few of the responses I got when asking my co-workers about our VISA Platinum Rewards Card! (Don’t forget that now you can even customize your credit card so that it has your favorite picture on the front! More info here!)

Do you have our Rewards Card? What have you turned in your points for?? Let us know in the comments below!