The Salvation Army gets Frank-a-fied!

Linn Area Credit Union took on the challenge to man a Salvation Army bucket for a full day on Tuesday. I kicked off the day with my trusty partner Beth. We rang the bell for 2 hours in the morning. Believe it or not, we even got a little too toasty in our hats and gloves. (Side note: This is the first year I haven’t been freezing the whole time!)

The donations started out slow, but things really started to pick up as time went on. Beth actually had to help a lady shove a whole envelope full of cash into the bucket! We had some great interactions with people and it was especially fun when they let their kids donate. Many little ones put one coin in at a time to make the experience last. Seeing the little kids get incredibly excited to put money in the bucket was really cute! It just made us smile!

But the fun really got started when Beth and I took our late shift starting at 6 pm. It had just started raining, but it was still kind of warm out (for December at least). I decided to let my dog Frank join us – don’t worry, he had a jacket and a chair. Frank was a hit! The Salvation Army might owe him a bone for Christmas because he brought over lots of people. I think the adults were just as taken with Frank as the kids were. One lady even went inside and bought Frank a treat!

This is the season where it can be frustrating just to run to the store to get milk because people are everywhere. Although people are supposed to be filled with Christmas cheer, we all know that doesn’t seem to be the case while waiting in the mile long line and getting stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. I have to say that ringing the bell for 4 hours yesterday was extremely satisfying because I got to see the good in people over and over again. Whether they could give an envelope full of money or just their spare change, it was great to see people in the giving spirit. Even if they were unable to donate, many people still smiled and greeted us, which was so appreciated!

A huge thanks goes to all the people I met yesterday. Your generosity has truly gotten me into the holiday spirit!

Linn Area Credit Union would like to thank the following fabulous employees for ringing the bell on our behalf: Beth, Matt, Amy, Jolayne, Jessie, Tracy N., Joannie and, of course, Mallory and Frank!