Get FREE Checking, Get $50!

Millennials jumping for joy

We know, we know! No one really wants to move their checking account. It’s such a chore! But let’s weigh the short-term pain against the long-term gain.

If you don’t have a Linn Area checking account, take a good hard look what Get $50 you DO have. Are you paying a monthly maintenance fee? Are you paying an annual or monthly fee for debit cards? Mobile banking? Automatic bill paying? What else are you paying for?

At Linn Area Credit Union, we don’t charge you for those things. When we say FREE, we mean FREE! PLUS, if your average daily balance is over $2,500 OR if you sign up for our high-yield checking account, you get money back in the form of dividends. (Money back? What? Yessirree Bob-o!)

And speaking of money back, this month we’ll give you $50 just for making the leap to one of our great checking accounts! (How’s that for easing the short-term pain?) To get the $50, you’ll need to set up your new account with either direct deposit or online banking with eStatements. (Heck, you would probably do that anyway, right?) Be sure to use promo code 50FORME so that we credit your account!

So is it worth moving everything? YES! (And we’ll totally help you with that!) Once you get settled in with our FREE checking, you’ll wonder why you waited so long!