How to save without feeling the pinch!

Happy woman with piggy bank

Ready to be jealous? I recently went to sunny Florida for a vacation. Ready to be even more jealous? My primary goal was to visit Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. (I know, I know, I’ve posted 3 blogs and 2 of them involve Harry Potter. Call me crazy, but I love it!) In order to get to my precious Harry Potter World, I needed to buy a plane ticket, pay for a hotel, AND rent a car. The key words being “buy”, “pay”, and “rent” — all of which involve money! Besides just having a job, I knew I’d have to be smart with my money and plan ahead to make this happen.

I’m going to be perfectly honest with you: If money is in my checking account, I’m going to spend it. Based on my conversations with friends and members, I’m not alone. Maybe my spending habits sound familiar to you, too. How would I ever be able to save up for this Harry Potter trip I was dreaming of?

I’m going to share with you guys a super easy way to save that can be built into any Linn Area account that receives your direct deposit. It’s a tool called payroll deduction. This service will pull whatever dollar amount you want from your paycheck and place it into one or more accounts of your choosing before you even miss it. (Click here to see more about it on our website!)

In order to successfully save for my big trip, I set up my payroll deduction so that a certain amount of my paycheck never even makes it to my checking – it goes straight to a savings account I smartly labeled “I Heart Harry Potter”. This means that I no longer have the temptation to spend it! And wa-la! A few months later I was able to book my trip and all the other expensive things that go along with it.

I also saved up a few extra pennies in a jar at home, which came in handy when I bought myself a couple yummy Butterbeers at the park (not beer, just delicious). Click here to find out more about Butterbeer than you’ve ever wanted to know!

People use payroll deduction for other un-Harry-Potter-related things. You could put $50 from each paycheck into your “Saving For My First Home” account, $100 toward your auto loan and $30 into your regular savings account. Take it from me, it adds up quickly! You can even sign up online here!

The moral of the story is to let technology do the savings for you and in no time you will be able to buy that new TV or go on that great vacation you have been putting off.

What are you currently saving for or what do you want to start saving for?