Kirby Fun Day 2011!

Smiling boy lying in ball pit

Some of America’s finest savers are safely stockpiling their moola here at Linn Area Credit Union. Did I mention that they are, on average, among the shortest of our members? Okay, I’ll cut to the chase. These members are part of our Kirby Kangaroo Club (age range of baby to 12 years old)!

Each year we invite our super-savers of the future, a.k.a. our Kirby Kids, to Kirby Fun Day held at the PlayStation. For two hours, these kids can run carefree throughout the enormous indoor jungle gym. Each kid gets two tokens to spend wisely (naturally, they know how to do that!) as well as their fill of donuts (Sprinkle, Chocolate, Blueberry and, my personal fave, Cherry!) and soda. Our guest of honor, Kirby Kangaroo, even stops by to hang out with the Club members. Talk about a photo op! Go here to see all the pics from the rip roaring good time!

It was such a fun day and all the kids had a b-l-a-s-t! *whispering* We’re hoping lots of naps were taken in the afternoon as a result!

Is your child a Kirby Kid? Let us know what you think of the program in the comments below. Do you have a little one who wants to join in all the fun? Check out this page for the details and then stop on by to get that little whipper-snapper signed up!