Members Win One-of-a-Kind Motorcycle!

Winners of the 2017 Motor Madness raffle with their new motorcycle

Linn Area Credit Union members Don and Tina Schminkey are enjoying two new motorcycles after they won a 2017 Harley-Davidson Road Glide in the 2017 Motor Madness raffle.

When Don and Tina bought a new Suzuki Can-Am Side by Side 30 at Metro Harley-Davidson Suzuki Can-Am, they also picked up some $10 Motor Madness raffle tickets, knowing the proceeds would benefit the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital, a member of the Children’s Miracle Network.

Little did they know that they would end up with another shiny new motorcycle! (Sweet!)

A Harley Family

Don, a Union-Pacific track supervisor from Shellsburg, is a lifelong motorcycle enthusiast.

“There are two things a person needs: a motorcycle and a truck,” Don says.

He and Tina take road trips at least twice a month—once with the Metro Harley Club and once (or more!) with just the two of them and their bike. The couple’s three sons love riding, too. They all recently joined up at the Harley-Davidson 105th anniversary rally in Milwaukee. Plus, the whole family has taken road trip vacations to Daytona, Florida.

The Linn Area members plan to make more great memories together with the new custom Harley-Davidson, which features a super-stunning original paint job by Cedar Rapids artist Scott Takes.

“The one I won is a customized, single-person bike. All the people who sell parts in town and paint bikes contributed to it, so it’s pretty special,” says Don. Even the saddlebags are one-of-a-kind, as they’re autographed by Dan Gable and other Hawkeye Hall of Fame athletes.

Lucky Stars Align

Metro Harley has sponsored Motor Madness since 2015, when it raised $62,500. In 2016, donations from the raffle and associated sponsorships totaled $80,500. This year’s fundraiser rounded up a whopping $95,000.

“The new University of Iowa Children’s Hospital is designed as a healing environment that improves the health and well-being of children and their families,” says Ross Bowman, Marketing Manager for Metro Harley-Davidson Suzuki Can-Am. “With our help, they have expanded existing programs and developed new services on-site and throughout Iowa to meet the current and future needs of Iowa’s children.”

Motor Madness raffle tickets were sold at several locations, including Linn Area’s annual golf outing held to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network.

“Linn Area Credit Union has been a long-time supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network, so when we were contacted in January 2017 by Metro Harley-Davidson Suzuki Can-Am to help sponsor their custom motorcycle raffle to benefit the UI Children’s Hospital, we were all in,” says Curt Gandy, VP of Marketing. “As much as we are excited by the funds raised, we are thrilled to find out that the winner of the custom bike is a long-time Linn Area Credit Union member!”

Don is excited, too, not only because he won, but because of all of the connections between him, the Harley-Davidson dealership, Linn Area Credit Union, and the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

“It’s neat that all of these affiliations came together,” says Don. “Everyone can keep doing what they’re doing so the UI Children’s Hospital can keep doing what it does for kids.”