Mobile Deposit is Here!

Hands with mobile device taking photo for mobile deposit

We’ve been working overtime to bring you the mobile products you want!

First, we released our free Mobile Money app. (Available for Android and iPhone. Hopefully you downloaded that already!) Now, the app includes Mobile Deposit. (And there are even more awesome mobile-y things on the way. Promise!)

But let’s talk a little about Mobile Deposit! It lets you deposit checks directly into your account using your mobile device. Mobile Deposit is perfect for when you get a check from someone (your mom, maybe!) and you don’t want to dash off to deposit it. (You want to keep your jammies and slippers on. We totally get it!) And Mobile Deposit is super-easy to use.

Just log on to the Mobile Money app to sign up for Mobile Deposit. Authorization can take a couple of days, so be sure to sign up now, before you need it! You’ll get a text letting you know when you’re ready to go.

To make a deposit, you enter a few key bits of info and then take photos of the front and back of the check. Ba-da-boom!

To learn more, take a stroll through the Mobile Deposit FAQs at!