Mother Nature Approved

We don’t just TALK about family trees – we SAVE them, too! In fact, we’ve already saved 46 of them. (Stay with me, friends, I promise I’m going to tie it together!)

Last year, Linn Area Credit Union vowed to become a more environmentally conscious workplace.  A team of employees joined together and created the Green Team. This team looks for ways that LACU can be kinder to good Ol’ Mother Nature. One thing the Green Team noticed was that we were throwing away A LOT of stuff that actually could be recycled. So they partnered with City Carton to help the staff truly understand what could/could not be recycled. And, boy, what a difference recycling makes!

City Carton provides an awesome service which gives a company an idea of how much GOOD they’ve done for the planet. In just 6 short months, here is what LACU has accomplished:

Tell us in the comments below, do you recycle? Why or why not?