Nice to meet you!

Three employees at conference table

Hi there! My name is Tara and I’m a Marketing Specialist at Linn Area Credit Union. Woah, what? You might be asking yourself “Why am I reading a marketing blog?” Don’t worry, friend, you’re not.  And, also, that’s not me in the picture to the left.

Although I have lots of experience in marketing, I’ve always been a little bit, um, financially-challenged. In college, I thought a credit card’s best use was for buying those fabulous $150 stilettos that I just couldn’t live without.

One of my most vivid memories was after I graduated and realized that I had racked up some hefty department store card bills and depleted my bank’s line of credit. I was terrified! Just out of college with a job that barely paid the bills. I went into my “big bank” to see what I could do. And they turned me away, practically laughing in my face.

I shuffled along for the next couple of years, only paying the minimum on credit cards and while still using them as crutch, but now I was using them for less fun things like gas and groceries. I knew my situation wasn’t great, but I just didn’t want to deal with it. I’ll never forget how nervous I’d get whenever any of my credit card bills would come!

My wakeup call came when I met my husband. He’s my financial opposite – pristine credit and a spreadsheet for everything. Show off. I knew that I couldn’t expect him to take on my debts, so that’s when I started to get my act together. After a lot of research, I developed a spending plan and promised myself that I would stick to it. It took a year of careful planning and saving, but I managed to pull myself into a good place. In fact, I now have a credit score that hangs out near 800 (something I’m ridiculously proud about).

To be completely honest, financial issues tend to give me heartburn and I know that I’m not alone! In this blog I, along with my team of esteemed bloggers, will be highlighting things that I think you – me – everyone should know more about! No worries, you won’t be reading a constant sales pitch. As great as Linn Area is, we’re more interested in giving our member-owners and community important financial information and tips for saving your hard-earned money, but in a fun way.

Join us as we navigate though this crazy financial world together. :-)