Nom the Mom: Day of Beauty

Mom getting flowers and kiss from daughter

The woman you chose as your Nom the Mom winner, Amber Nietert , finally got her chance to get pampered. Since so many of you got out there to vote, we thought that you’d like the follow up on Amber, her family and her City Looks Day of Beauty.

If you’ll remember, Amber is the mom of two little boys. One of the boys, Brekin, has a heart condition. (For the full story, go here or to see how we surprised Amber, check out the video at the very bottom of this post!) He had another surgery in mid-June and I’m proud to report that he is doing exceptionally well! In fact, his doctor has officially cleared him to run, jump and even swim – all those things that little boys LOVE to do! (Amber said that it’s so hard to tell your 3 year old son that he can’t ride his bike when he so desperately wants to!)

Now that Brekin is on the mend, Amber finally had a chance to focus on herself for one day. On Friday, I met Amber at the Westdale location of City Looks for her Day of Beauty. She was extremely excited! To make things even better, that particular evening she and her husband, Joe, were heading out on the town to celebrate their 6 year anniversary. Perfect timing!

The day started off with a relaxing facial, something Amber had never tried before and absolutely adored! Next, the girls at City Looks turned their focus to Amber’s fingers and toes, giving her a fabulous manicure AND pedicure (Heaven!). After her mootsies (yeah, I made that word up) and tootsies were perfectly polished, the City Looks team turned their attention to Amber’s hair. One tiny French braid and lots of curls later, our Nom the Mom winner was ready for the last leg of her pampering experience – make up! And, let me tell you, she looked awesome! Sure, she was gorgeous before, but after a day of beauty at City Looks, Amber was simply “WOWZA”!!!

Go here to see all the pictures of Amber’s big day of beauty.

When we chatted after it was all done, Amber said that she almost didn’t want the Day of Beauty to end! (Well, who could blame her?!) But she was definitely looking forward to hitting the town with Joe.

Thanks again to Amber and to the lovely people at City Looks for making this happen!

So now how are we going to top this next year…?!?!?!