Nom the Mom: Surprising Dawn

Our Nom the Mom contest was so fun and now we’re giving you a behind the scenes look at how we surprised each of the finalists.

First up, Dawn.

Dawn’s story touched so many people. The simple fact that her 12 year old son, Chandler, had nominated her blew most of the voters away. That takes a pretty special mom! Chandler let me know that Dawn was going to be at work on this particular morning, so that’s where I was going to be surprising her.

I have to be honest, I was a little nervous walking into the retail shop. Would I recognize Dawn? What exactly was I going to say? How was she going to react??

I walked into the store, flower arrangement in hand – well both hands since it was rather big! Luckily for me, a quick scan to my right led me right to Dawn. Also, fortunate? She looked just like the picture Chandler submitted.  “Whew” on both accounts!  :)

As soon as Dawn spotted me (which didn’t take long considering the flowers and my goofy grin), she gave me a warm smile. I introduced myself. Dawn was actually right smack in the middle of training a new employee on a cash register. I could tell that this is something she definitely was good at – very patient and sweet, but full of guidance. When she had a moment, she stepped to the side with me and I presented her with the arrangement of flowers and thanked her for being such a great mom. And that’s when I got the back story.

It turns out that Dawn came into our Blairs Ferry branch one day to do business as usual and she saw one of our posters explaining the contest. She thought it looked pretty cool and so she took one of the Nom the Mom slips of paper home. That night, she showed it to her son. He’s said, “What’s that?” and Dawn explained the contest to him. “Oh, cool.” And that was that. Or so she thought.

Chandler actually took the ball and ran with it. Unbeknownst to Dawn, he wrote down her story and emailed it to me. However, he used HER email address since he doesn’t have one of his own. So when I replied to the email congratulating Chandler on his mom becoming a finalist, Dawn was actually the one who received it. And she was in complete shock!

And that, my friends, is when Chandler became somewhat of her campaign manager. He used her email and her Facebook account to rally up the troops, calling on friends and family to vote for his fabulous mom. He told her that this was probably the best Mother’s Day gift that he could ever give her (what a sweetheart!).

Now, as Dawn was giving me this back story, a co-worker of hers came up and gave her a hug. “And your son nominated you? Wow. I’d hate to hear what my kids would say about me!”

Sure, it was funny – but also really true. Dawn has obviously had such a great and positive effect on her son that it spurred him to want to go that extra step to not only nominate her, but to take the lead on encouraging people to vote for her.

Meeting Dawn was awesome and I certainly hope that she stays in contact with us in the future.

Did you vote for Dawn? Feel free to share some more love in the comments below!