Nom the Mom: Surprising Wendi

Our Nom the Mom love fest isn’t over yet, friends! Yesterday you got the inside scoop on what happened when I met Dawn.

Next stop, Wendi.

Surprising Wendi wasn’t going to be quite as easy, considering she works at a large corporate building that has security guards. The up-side? She was nominated by a co-worker, whom I had already contacted and knew would be expecting me. Whew!

I parked in a visitor spot and managed to bobble my way through gaining a visitor’s pass as I waited for nominator Laurie to come “pick me up”, if you will. We glided up to the top floor of the regal looking building and I was ushered into a pod of cubes to visit a very unsuspecting Wendi.

Once she connected the dots, her first words were, “Oh no. I look terrible today!”

She turned a little bit red and instantly diverted the attention by commenting on how beautiful the flowers were.

I began congratulating her on being a runner up. Wendi quickly shied from the spotlight and start to ask questions about Dawn and Amber. When I told her that Amber had won, she instantly exclaimed, “That girl should be nominated for sainthood!”

Since Wendi was being so modest, nominator Laurie piped up and began to tell me how Wendi was really surprised when she was told that she had been nominated for this contest. Wendi felt as though she wasn’t worthy – which clearly isn’t the case! Wendi chimed in, saying that it was definitely a surprise and she really felt very honored that Laurie would think of her for this. But the surprise turned to shock and awe when she discovered that she had been selected as one of the top 3 finalists.

“How did you feel when you read all the lovely comments people were writing about you?” I asked.

“Definitely flattered and, mostly, it left me speechless – which is pretty hard to achieve,” Wendi joked. Laurie vivaciously agreed with the second part of Wendi’s comment.

Throughout our conversation, many of Wendi’s co-workers came over to give her a hug. Several of their names I recognized from the voting process, which just proved how much support Wendi has within her large group of caring co-workers.

Do note that she wasn’t too happy that I wanted to take a picture of her, so she hid behind her floral arrangement. Nice try, Wendi! We still see you!

From my brief time with Wendi, it was very obvious how selfless she is. Always thinking of other people first, which was something that was deeply echoed in her nomination story. We look forward to keeping in touch with Wendi over the years!

So how do you follow two great surprises? Well, you go give a Day of Beauty to a very deserving mommy of two.

Were you Team Wendi? Feel free to share your love in the comments below.