Online Banking: Are you getting the most out of it? (Part 1)

Are you a current user of our online banking (e-branch)? Did you just get signed up? Either way, this blog may be for you. I am here to give you some tips on how to get the most out of e-branch so that you can do what you want with your money when you want to! This particular blog post is going to be a two parter. I know that when I’m learning something new, sometimes it’s nice to get just little bit of info at a time.

Alright! So when you log into online banking there are 4 main tabs to work with – two of which I’ll talk about today and the other two will be explored next time. I am going to go through each tab and the functions within each one. You may be surprised by some of the things you can do!

You ready for Part 1?? Here we go!

Right when you log into e-Branch, the first tab that comes up is the Overview tab (unless you change it in preferences, which we will get to later…). This tab is basically just as it sounds – an overview of up to 5 of your accounts (again customizable) and their balances. You can also do a quick transfer between your accounts and view any scheduled transfers you have set up. Simple and easy, just the way I like it!

The next tab is the Account Access tab. Under this tab you are able to see all of the accounts you are an owner or joint owner of (even other account numbers).  This is the tab that you want to go to if you want to transfer money. You can transfer funds for one time only or set up scheduled transfers. For scheduled transfers, you can set up what day of the month you want it to come out, the frequency and the total number of transfers you want to occur. You can also look at your transfer history.

These next 2 features you may not know about:  account to account transfer and withdrawal by check.

Account to account transfer is transferring money from one financial institution to another. We know that Linn Area may not be the home for all your money *insert sad face here*, so we have this handy feature that allows you to transfer money between two accounts – even if one of these accounts is not a Linn Area one (e.g. transferring money to/from a Big Bank account from/to your Linn Area account). For more details, please call 378-0101 or stop in and an account representative would be happy to walk you through getting it set up.

A withdrawal by check means that you would like a paper check withdrawn from your account, made out to you and mailed to you. People may use this feature as a means to transfer money from one financial to another without having to write a check of their own.

So in a nutshell, the Account Access tab is where you can move your moola around.

On both the Overview tab and the Account Access tab you are able to click on your account and see the current activity and pending transactions. (This does not include credit cards. On credit cards you are able to make payments from e-Branch, but not see activity. To see the credit card activity go to and get signed up!) Do know that on either of these tabs, you can use transfers to make payments to your loans and your credit card.

Okay, guys, I think this is a good stopping point! Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? I hope not. In the next blog, I’ll be giving you the inside scoop on the Billpayer tab and the Options tab.

Questions? Just ask below in the comments!