Online Banking: Are you getting the most out of it? (Part 2)

Welcome back to Mallory’s Crazy Crash Course in Online Banking! (I just named it that – do you like it?) Last time we talked about the Overview tab and the Account Access tab. Hopefully you had a chance to go play around with both of those. Today we’re going to be finishing up by taking a close look at the Bill Payment tab and the Options tab!

So grab your morning cup of Joe and let’s do this! Woohoo!!! (Too much sass for this early?)

The Bill Payment tab actually connects you directly to our bill payer website. Bill payer is a service that you will need to sign up for either by calling 378-0101 or by stopping into one of our branches, but once you are set up, clicking on this tab takes you right to your information and you are ready to pay bills. You can fill out someone you want to pay and the amount and make one time or reoccurring payments.  It also keeps a history of payments made. It’s pretty slick and, best yet, totally free to you.

And last, but not least, is the Options tab. I could write a whole blog on this tab alone, but this will just be a quick overview of each box under this tab:

  • Secure mail
    • A direct and secure way for you to email us at Linn Area Credit Union

  • Alerts
    • Set up alerts to be emailed or texted to you (For example: When you hit a certain balance or a certain check number clears you’ll be contacted via email or text.)
    • Set up reminders to be emailed or texted to you (For example: You’ll receive a text or email when a loan payment is automatically coming out on such and such date.)

  • Personal options
    • Update personal information
    • Set up preferences (like which screens comes up when you log on or which accounts pop up on the overview screen)
    • Nickname accounts (Confused by all those numbers and dashes? Just nickname your accounts so you know what they are. Eg. Mallory’s checking or Nick’s savings.)

  • Additional services
    • Click on e-statements to view PDFs of your statements rather than receiving them in the mail (Not only is this good for the environment, but its way faster than snail mail!)
    • Mobile banking. Click on this link to sign up to get access to your accounts from your phone.  (Personally, my favorite feature!)

  • Member Requests
    • Apply for a loan, stop payments and much more!

And one more quick thing, you may notice up in the right hand corner something that says “Members CHAT.” That button will connect you live to one of our Member Service Representatives available during our working hours here at the credit union.

Not a member of online banking yet? Want to sign up? Feel free to give us a call at 378-0101 or stop in and let us know you want to get signed up! It’s really that easy!