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Online Banking

It’s like having the credit union at your fingertips 24/7. Our free online banking saves you time and money. (Ummmm... yes, please!) Online banking allows you to: Check account balances Pay your bills (a member favorite!) – no more paying…
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Statement Copies

Misplaced your statement and need a new copy? We can print it out for you at any of our walk-in branches. There is a fee of $1 to do this.
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Safe Deposit Boxes

We have safe deposit boxes at the locations listed below. All boxes are 21″ deep. The cost listed is a yearly fee, which is automatically deducted from your savings account during the first week of June. Availability may be limited.
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Night Drop Box

Drop your transaction and your account info into the night drop drawer (found outside the building in the drive-up area) and your transaction will be processed first thing the next business day. This free service is available at all branches.
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Coin Machines

There are self-serve coin counting machines available at all of our walk-in locations. This service is free to members.
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Signature Guarantee

A signature guarantee is the authentication of a signature on a check in the form of a stamp or seal, often required in the transfer of securities. This service is $20 and only available to Linn Area members. We recommend…
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Notary Services

Notaries witness and authenticate certain types of documents. Free notary service is offered to members at all of our walk-in locations.
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Cashier’s Checks

A cashier’s check is written or printed by the credit union and considered “guaranteed funds.” Cashier’s checks are available for our members at our walk-in locations for $3 each.
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Wire Transfers

A wire transfer is usually the quickest method of transferring money from one person or financial institution to another since it’s electronic. You can wire funds anywhere throughout the United States as well as to many places internationally. You can…
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Credit Cards

We’ve upgraded our credit card servicing system! Here's to a better, more streamlined card-using experience! Our new credit card platform is fully integrated into our online and mobile banking systems, so you can: Access all your credit card account information…