Checking Account Types

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Free checking accounts for every taste. Seriously.

We offer three sweet checking accounts. Let’s find the right one for you, shall we?

FREE Checking

You’re gonna want to check this out (see what we did there?)! To open a free checking account, you’ll need to deposit $50, but after that, there’s no minimum balance requirement, no per check charge and no monthly maintenance fee. You get a free debit card, free online banking (eBranch), free mobile banking, free online Bill Payer, and MyMoola, our free online money manager! Plus an average daily balance of $2,500 or more earns dividends. (Yes way, Jose!)

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FREE High Yield Checking

Enjoy all the benefits of our free checking account, PLUS you’ll earn 2.00% APY* on your balance up to $15,000 and have your out-of-network ATM fees refunded each month. (Earn that much and use any ATM you want for free? Woohoo!)

There is no monthly service charge, no minimum balance requirements, unlimited free debit card use at retailers and unlimited free check writing. (And it only takes $50 to open the account, just like our free checking.)

To earn these rewards, simply activate eBranch and utilize the three free services listed below each month:

  1. Make at least 12 signature-based debit card purchases (select “credit” instead of “debit”)
  2. Receive eStatements
  3. Directly deposit your paycheck or retirement income

You’ll receive an e-mail each month letting you know if you’ve met the requirements needed to earn your rewards. (And if you fall short one month, no biggie! We don’t kick you out or anything… we just treat it like a regular checking account that month.)

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield (Balances over $15,000 receive our current free checking rate) Rates, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Personal accounts only.

FREE Student Checking

Especially for our members aged 16 to 22. This is a great first checking account and comes with a complete education about how to handle it, balance it and keep it in good standing. (Does music start to be too loud once you outgrow this account?)

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Get a Checking Account

If you’re not currently a member and would like to apply for one of these checking accounts, please click here. If you’re already a member and would like to add a checking account, please contact us and we’ll get you set up right away.

Checking Comparison

This handy little tool allows you to compare our checking accounts to your current account and the accounts anywhere else. We want you to find the checking account that is truly right for you (but we secretly hope you’ll pick ours).

Online Services

Check out all the ways you can access your checking account whenever it tickles your fancy.


See what you can earn on your checking and other deposit accounts.


Not something a company likes to boast about – unless you’re comparing ours to those at most other financial institutions. Our fees are fewer and the dollar amounts are lower.

Check Stop Payment Request

Need to put the whoas on a check or two? Here’s a form to help you do just that. (Keep in mind, there is a $25 fee per item to do this.)

Check Copy Request

For a copy of a check you’ve written that’s been cashed, you can do that here for $1 per check. (Psst, you can see this for free in eBranch…)

Hooraaaaaay!!!! If you’re looking at our Switch Kit, it’s safe to assume you’re about to make the switch to Linn Area. (We’re pleased as punch – no clue what that phrase is about but we’re excited nonetheless.) We’ve developed this…
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