Opt-In Information Page

Due to legislative reasons, we can not authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions unless you ask us to (meaning you “opt-in”):

  • ATM transactions
  • Every day debit card transactions

If you “opt in,” Linn Area Credit Union may pay debit card transactions, even if you do not have the funds in your account to cover it. This is to protect you from the inconvenience and embarrassment of having the transaction declined.

An example of how this works:
Let’s say you are at a grocery store, you have $50.00 in your checking account (less than you thought) and would like to pay your bill for $124.00 with your debit card. This is a case of an overdraft. Here’s what happens:


  1. For all overdrafts, we will transfer money from any savings accounts under the same member number as your checking account to cover the overdraft. This transfer fee is only $2 (plus tax) for each transaction and we automatically do this for all of our members – no need to sign up.
  2. Let’s say that you don’t have enough money in your savings accounts to transfer the $74.00 that you’re short to pay your grocery bill
    • If you have Opted-in, we will usually cover your overdraft and charge you a $30 overdraft fee. Your debit card will go through and you can pay for your groceries.
    • If you have chosen to NOT Opt-In, there will be no fee but your debit card will be declined and you’ll have to use a different method of payment for your groceries.

What if I already have Courtesy Pay?


What if I don’t plan on ever being overdrawn?

Great! If you’re never overdrawn, then this service will never kick in. However, even members who don’t plan to be overdrawn will occasionally find themselves in an emergency situation or may find that a deposit has been delayed through no fault of their own. If you opt-in, you will be covered in the rare instance that your account accidentally becomes overdrawn. There is no charge to have the service, you only pay in the event that you use it.

How do I opt in?

Just contact us. Be sure to let us know all of the accounts that you want this protection for.

What if I don’t want to opt-in?

Don’t do anything. If we don’t hear from you, your debit card transactions will not be covered in the case of an overdrawn checking account and you will not incur overdraft charges. If you change your mind at any time, you can always contact us.

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