Plugged In – Young Adult Account

College students laughing on lawn

Money makes the world go ’round

We get it. You’re busy and don’t want to spend your time learning about money and credit. That’s where we come in. We’ve created a one-stop shop for our members who are 16 – 22 and ridiculously awesome. Here’s the deal:

  • A free checking account complete with a debit card, no minimum balance requirement and a complimentary box of checks. (See what you need to open a checking account.)
  • Great rates on loans for cars, college and other stuff you need.
  • Free access to all of our online services.
  • Tools to help you learn the best way to handle these services – no one’s born knowing this stuff and we want you to learn it this way instead of the hard way.

Don’t forget – you must be a member of Linn Area to use these services. (If you already have an account here, you’re a member. If you don’t, you’re not – easy peasy rice and cheesy.) To become a member, open an account. What does it mean to be a member? Get the skinny!

Sign Up for a Plugged In Checking Account Now!

The Checking Account

Bottom line: it’s free and it’s a checking account.

The Loan

Tired of hearing “you’re too young” or “sorry, you don’t have a credit history”? You won’t get that from us.

Online Services

Plug into your accounts 24/7. Don’t trip on the cord! (j/k, we know it’s all wireless.)

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