RoundUp Savings

Man using debit card at a coffee shop

Save while you spend!

RoundUp Savings helps you save money automatically. When you use your Linn Area Visa® debit card, your everyday purchases will be rounded up to the nearest dollar amount. The difference will be deposited into the Linn Area savings or checking account you designate. (Sorry, you can’t deposit into a CD, HSA, or IRA account.) Only checking accounts with active debit cards are eligible to be enrolled in RoundUp Savings.

How it works

We’ll use an example of buying a cup of coffee. When you spend $2.24 at the local coffee shop, the remaining $0.76 will be deposited into your chosen account. If you buy the same-priced item five days a week for a year, you will have added $197.60 to your savings at the end of that year!* (Wowza! Look at you go!)

If your purchase comes out to an exact dollar amount, it’ll round up to the next dollar. (So, if your purchase is exactly $4.00, RoundUp Savings will transfer $1.00 into your designated account.)

How to enroll

The quickest and easiest way to enroll is via online or mobile banking. Just log in and go the SERVICES tab and select RoundUp Savings. Complete the simple enrollment steps and start saving! You can also enroll by visiting your favorite branch or contacting us.

Where can I learn more about RoundUp Savings?

Check out our RoundUp Savings FAQs.

*Example is for illustrative purposes only. Each rounded amount will be between $0.01 and $1.00. Some restrictions may apply. Linn Area Credit Union’s RoundUp Savings requires a qualifying checking account with a Visa® debit card. Actual savings will vary based on debit card use. Funds will be added to member’s chosen savings, Money Market, or other eligible checking account. Deposits may not be made to CDs, HSAs, or IRA accounts.
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