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Access your accounts 24/7/365

Want to move some money between accounts at 3 a.m.? (You can!) With our free digital services, your finances are truly at your fingertips at all times. In fact, our digital services are so convenient you may never set foot in one of our branches again. (Just promise to come visit or else we’ll miss you!) Here’s a snapshot of what we offer:

Online banking

It all starts here! With online banking, you can check account balances, transfer money between accounts, make loan and credit card payments and soooooo much more!

Mobile banking

Free mobile banking lets you manage your accounts on the go! (You do need to be enrolled in online banking to use our mobile banking apps.) We support both Apple and Android devices.

Mobile deposit

Still getting checks from your workplace or Grandma? With mobile deposit, you can deposit them from almost anywhere using your mobile device!


MoneyMap is a free personal finance manager that lets you set savings goals, track your spending, manage your budget and more!

Digital wallets

No more totin’ your cards around! All Linn Area credit cards and debit cards work with Apple Pay®, Google PayTM, and Samsung Pay!

Card Manager

Card Manager lets you instantly suspend and reactivate your card, log your travel plans, set up alerts for certain transactions, and much more!

Bill Payer

No more paying for postage! Bill Payer lets you pay bills electronically, straight from your checking account. You can enter the amount manually if a payment changes each month or use Autopay if the amount is the same month after month.


Save a tree and avoid clutter by signing up for eStatements.

Contact us

If you have questions during regular business hours, you can start a conversation electronically by texting us or using Live Chat (just look for the speech bubble icon at the right!).

About our identity verification process

When someone tries to access your accounts, we need to make sure it’s actually YOU! Learn more about two-factor verification.

See how easy it is to use MoneyMap! Check out these great videos to help you get started with MoneyMap, our personal finance manager. Once you're familiar with MoneyMap (and start using it regularly!), we're sure you'll love it!
I’m truly impressed with our mobile banking app. Truly. Generally speaking, I’m not a person who leaps into action when the brand-spankin’-newest, high-tech gadget is introduced. Or software. Or anything, for that matter. It’s pretty easy for me to be…