Card Manager

Excited man holding a mobile device and credit card

Take control of your credit and debit cards with Card Manager!

Our ShopPING Card Protection service is now Card Manager, and it has fantastic new features that will help you prevent fraud on your Linn Area cards… and give you peace of mind.

With Card Manager, you can:

  • instantly suspend and reactivate your card
  • establish a limit for transactions. (Any transaction over the amount you set will be automatically declined.)
  • restrict online, international, and ATM transactions
  • set up alerts for certain transactions. (Email, text, and push notifications… your choice!)
  • log your travel plans so your card isn’t flagged for fraud when you’re on the move
  • push your card information to a digital wallet. (No need to add your card separately now!)

Set up Card Manager today!

If you’ve been using our ShopPING Card Protection service, your email, text, and push notifications will now come from Linn Area CU Card Mgr. If your mobile device is set for auto-updates, the ShopPING Card Protection service app will (yep, you guessed it!) automatically update to Card Manager. If your device is not set up for auto-updates or if you’re just starting out with Card Manager, you’ll have to download the app so you can manage your card on the fly! Search for “Linn Area Credit Union” in the App Store® or Google Play or click on a badge below. (You know the drill… you probably ought to read the Terms & Conditions.)

Card Manager sends notifications only for Linn Area Credit Union Visa credit and debit card transactions processed by the Visa network. If the merchant uses a non-Visa network, you will not receive a notification. Linn Area Credit Union does not determine the network merchants use to process transactions. Apple and the Apple logo are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.
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