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Why wait for the mail? Go paperless with free and secure eStatements.

eStatements allow you to view, save and/or print your statement right from your inbox days before you would normally receive a paper statement in the mail. (How exciting it is to read will be up to you and your spending habits.) You’ll receive notification from us each month letting you know when it’s ready to view. Want to look back at a prior month’s statement? No problem! eStatements are accessible online for six months so you can quickly review your account history.

Perks of eStatements:

  • Get your statement days sooner than snail mail
  • Reduce your risk of identity theft
  • Reduce paper waste and clutter — a tree somewhere will thank you
  • It’s free

To sign up for eStatements, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into online banking. (You must be enrolled in online banking to receive eStatements.)
  2. Click on the “Documents” tab at the top. You’ll see a pop-up window. If you have more than one deposit account, you’ll need to tell us which one you wish to enroll in eStatements. Select the account by clicking into the “Member Account” dropdown. Click the “Continue” button.
  3. The Electronic Statement Disclosure Agreement pops up. Scroll down and click the “I Agree” button.
  4. A “Document Viewer” window will pop up. Within this window, you’ll see a place to enter a verification code and a PDF “Test Drive” document. (You may have to scroll to see them!) Read the PDF “Test Drive” and enter the verification code from the document into the verification code field. Click the “Verify Code” button.
  5. Your eStatement window will pop up. Click on the three lines (the hamburger icon) in the upper left of the eStatement window. Select “My Profile” to make sure your email and (optional) cell phone info are correct. You’ll want the Document Delivery Preference to be All By Electronic. (If it’s not already, click on the arrow at the far right to bring up the options, select it, and then hit Save.)

Ta-dahhh! That’s all there is to it!