man and woman holding a laptop displaying MoneyMap

Track your spending, manage your budget, and more!

Linn Area Credit Union is making managing your money easier and more fun — (really!) — than ever!

MoneyMap is a totally free personal finance manager that offers an easy-to-understand, visual experience to help you quickly monitor your overall financial health across your accounts. (Not just those with Linn Area!) Getting the most out of MoneyMap doesn’t require a lot of time — it only takes a little bit of set-up to give you a 360° view of your financial situation. (The more accounts you add, the more complete picture you’ll see!)

To get started, simply log in to online or mobile banking. In online banking, click on the MoneyMap tab in the blue bar across the top. In mobile banking, tap on the three-line icon in the upper left, and you’ll see MoneyMap in the main menu. If you need some help right off the top (or any time along the way), we have some sweet video tutorials.

MoneyMap features

Here’s a roundup of all the cool features you’ll find in MoneyMap, plus video tutorials for each! (How exciting is that?!)

Tools to track budget and spending

  • Accounts – Get a consolidated 360° view of your finances from a single dashboard by adding your accounts from almost any financial institution. Select the “+Add Account” button to get started! (To view accounts at another financial institution, you must have online access set up at that institution.) Watch the video tutorial.
  • Transactions – Transactions from all of your accounts are automatically categorized for your convenience and you can also customize the assigned categories at any time. Watch the video tutorial.
  • Spending – See how much you have spent on pretty much any category and easily visualize your spending to see where you’re succeeding and where you can improve. Watch the video tutorial.
  • Budgets – Track how close you are to hitting your budget throughout the month. Budgets can help you set realistic monthly spending limits and avoid exceeding those limits. Watch the video tutorial.
  • Trends – See a simple, easy to follow visualization of your financial history so you can tell if you’re living within your means and where you can improve. Watch the video tutorial.
  • Debts – View all your outstanding debt in a single view and calculate different payment options. The Debts tab teaches you how to use the snowball method, a debt-payment strategy that can dramatically reduce both the time it takes to pay off debt and the amount of interest you’ll pay. Watch the video tutorial.
  • Net Worth – Determine your actual net worth by adding as many accounts as possible, including your property and debts. MoneyMap will calculate your net worth and automatically update it as you spend, get a raise or pay off loans. Watch the video tutorial.
  • Goals – Easily manage your goals like saving for retirement, paying off a car loan, and more by visualizing them on a simple timeline. Your progress will automatically update as you put money into a savings account or pay off a debt. Watch the video tutorial.
  • Cash Flow – Quickly review your transactions to better understand your historical spending and predict future spending. Cash Flow tab allows you to easily identify and add recurring bills and payments, as well as one-time or annual payments such as property tax. It helps you see the impact of upcoming payments and plan ahead. Watch the video tutorial.
  • Getting Help – Get an overview of how to use each feature and find answers to frequently asked questions by clicking on the question mark icon in MoneyMap. Watch the video tutorial.
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